Panera customer who can’t figure out drive-thru, causes havoc

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‘But where’s the car supposed to go?’: Viewers defend Panera customer who can’t figure out drive-thru, causes havoc

'I would be so embarrassed, i’d call my husband immediately and cry.'


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Posted on Apr 15, 2024   Updated on Apr 15, 2024, 12:59 pm CDT

A Panera customer’s drive-thru mishap has sparked a conversation about its construction.

In a viral video uploaded by user Paola (@10paola_02), which has racked up over 4.2 million views as of Monday, a driver is seen struggling to move her car after going the wrong way through the fast-food chain’s drive-thru.

In the clip, a customer appears to have made the wrong turn and went over a curb into dirt and plants. The driver turns the car’s steering wheel multiple times and even tries to reverse, to no avail. Half of the car remains stuck over the curb.

Meanwhile, customers behind the vehicle are lined up waiting to order and pick up food.

Eventually, workers with name tags on rush over to the woman to offer help. One man uses hand signals and talks to the woman through the window, attempting to direct her over the curb.

In a follow-up clip, the car remained stuck and the woman exited the vehicle.

Over 2,300 hundred comments were left by the clip’s viewers. Many expressed confusion over the construction of the drive-thru.

“To be fair why is the drive thru like that?” one user wondered.

“Ok but where’s the car supposed to go?” another asked. “Because I see a line of cars behind ready to jump.”

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“Where is the exit lmao?” yet another commented.

Last year, Panera launched a Drive-Thru, Pick-Up option for guests. The option was meant to increase convenience for customers during ordering and pick-up. For guests who order online, Rapid Pick-Up can be used to have a worker deliver food right to a vehicle. Customers simply add the make, model, and color of their vehicle when ordering food.

Nonetheless, there has been conversation online about Panera’s drive-thrus.

In a Reddit post by user Dwooh, the poster wondered why Panera customers have difficulty with it.

“Why when it comes to drive thru at Panera do people all of a sudden have no clue how it operates?” the user asked. “I’ve had MULTIPLE people pull up and ask ‘what should i do?’ Stay at the speaker or pull to the window?”

The Daily Dot reached out to Panera via its contact form and @10paola_02 via TikTok comment for more information.

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*First Published: Apr 15, 2024, 6:00 pm CDT