Nutritionist recommends Old El Paso queso sauce from Hispanic food aisle at Walmart

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‘Bro is just eating science experiments’: Nutritionist suggests Old El Paso queso sauce from Hispanic food aisle at Walmart. It backfires

'This is something you have got to be putting into your meal plan.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Sep 2, 2023

If you’re eating meals in order to maximize muscular growth, then you’ll know the struggle of food getting really bland, really fast.

Which usually sends folks scouring the internet for ways to zhuzh up their meals in an attempt to eat clean while still maximizing their protein intake and not being miserable at the same time. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of social media accounts and websites out there with handy-dandy information, along with recipes, on how to do just that.

And the TikTok account @cookingforgains also highlights all of the meal options folks who are trying to get swole can enjoy… and he revealed a low-calorie garnish folks can top off their meals with that might be a game-changer for anyone who’s feeling the pangs of that little extra flavor they’re missing from their “dirty bulking” days.

The best part is that the item should be readily available, as he demonstrates where curious gym rats can find it: In the Hispanic foods section of Walmart.

@cookingforgains 10/10 must try! #gym #bodybuilding #bulkingseason #diet #mealplan ♬ original sound – Cookingforgains

He begins his video strolling on through a Walmart as he excitedly discusses the find: “Man if you love cheese this is something you have got to be putting into your meal plan. It’s only 20 calories a serving. Hispanic foods, look, look, look at it, look at it!”

He zooms his camera in on a squeezable tube of Old El Paso Creamy Queso sauce: “Bro when I say this is so good, this is worth 20 calories a serving on any type of burrito you’re ever f*cking eating. I’m going with three bottles,” he then tosses them into his cart, but he’s got another #cookingforgains hack that he shares.

The clip then cuts to a case of sauce bottles he’s placed inside of the cart as well: “I’m also going with a whole rack of Taco Bell mild sauce, ye ye!”

However, there were a slew of commenters who weren’t exactly thrilled with the list of ingredients the sauce was sporting, which contain maltodextrin, canola oil, Enzyme modified egg yolks, and food dyes. Strangely enough, even though it appears the sauce does contain actual cheese, its macro nutrients read that it doesn’t even contain a single gram of protein per serving.

One person quipped: “Bro is just eating science experiments now,” while someone else remarked, “look at the list of ingredients of that sauce g”

One commenter remarked that “it tasted like straight chemicals,” but there were other folks who seemed to enjoy it as much as @cookingforgains does: “I got this a few weeks ago! Couldn’t believe the macros on it. Perfect for burritos and such”

“This saved my life during the bulk when I couldn’t stand having anymore beef and rice,” another person wrote.

Some folks said that there were other queso sauces that were just as good for bulking/eating on a diet as well: “Great value queso cheese dip! 40 cals per 2 tablespoons.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Old El Paso, Walmart, and @cookingforgains via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Sep 2, 2023, 12:17 am CDT