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‘Those are the elite tweezers though…’: Viewers divided after Walgreens shopper slams $32 tweezers

'People say tweezermans are worth the money but not when imma lose them in a week.'


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Posted on May 1, 2024   Updated on May 1, 2024, 8:09 am CDT

Everything seems more expensive these days, from groceries to streaming services, but no one could’ve predicted that a good pair of tweezers would be so expensive.

Recently, TikToker Shannon Leigh (@shannonleigh806) racked up over 878,000 views when she questioned the ridiculous costs that come with grooming during a trip to Walgreens.

“Am I losing my mind?” Leigh asked before turning her camera toward the display. “Look at the prices of these tweezers. $32, $20, $19—what the f*ck. For tweezers?”

Well, why are Tweezerman tweezers so expensive? One reason is their quality. According to Tweezerman, the company has worked for over 40 years “to bring high quality, innovative, and best in class tools to the beauty industry.” On top of craftsmanship, Tweezerman also offers free sharpening and repair services “for tweezers, scissors, and nippers.” Reviews for Tweezerman have also been outstanding. An article by New York Magazine listed three of the brand’s models as some of the very best tweezers for hair removal. Named the best overall tweezer, Tweezerman’s classic slant tweezer “can perform almost any hair-plucking job with ease.” The tweezer has a slanted tip, designed for lifting strands of hair, and slanted edges so users don’t pinch themselves while removing hair.

Beauty blog Pretty and Polished claims the beauty blogging community unanimously named Tweezerman tweezers as the best in the market. According to Pretty and Polished, the moment a person plucks a hair with them, they understand that quality makes a difference. With a solid grip and slanted tip, the precision Tweezerman offers makes any plucking routine simpler.

Some viewers defended the prices.

“Tbf I think tweezerman tweezers have been $20 since like 2010 because I remember buying them and also being like ‘I’m not confident tweezers are worth $20,'” a viewer said.

“Tweezerman tweezers are elite. I’ve had mine for 5 years going strong!” a second agreed.

“I bought a pair of those tweezers in 2015, my girl we are still tweezing with the same ones… worth it!” a third added.

@shannonleigh806 Can someone explain plz. #fyp #helpmeplease #inflation #walgreensdeals #ihateithere ♬ I Can Do It With a Broken Heart – Taylor Swift

Others were shocked by the cost and suggested she go somewhere else for tweezers.

“Nahhh go to TJ maxx or Ross bc they legit have these exact ones and cuter too for cheaper,” a viewer suggested.

“Get them from TJ maxx or marshals!” another remarked.

“People say Tweezermans are worth the money but not when imma lose them in a week,” one joked.

Another reason Tweezerman is so expensive could be its retail location. Business Insider reports that Sterne Agee analysts purchased identical products from chains like Walmart, Dollar General, and Walgreens during a study. Though they expected higher prices at drug chains versus discount retailers, they did not expect a nearly 40% markup for the same products. For example, a basket that costs $95.42 at Walmart was $40.96 more at Walgreens. With sky-high prices, consumers are more watchful than ever when it comes to their wallets. In an effort to ensure savings, some people are posting educational TikToks about consumer rights. For example, one Walgreens customer posted a video explaining how to use scanner laws to guarantee that you receive a listed sales price even if the sale has ended.

The Daily Dot reached out to Walgreens via email, Tweezerman via contact form, and Leigh via TikTok comments for further information.

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*First Published: May 1, 2024, 11:00 am CDT