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‘I’ve used this thing a dozen times. It’s pretty new’: Customer says his Ninja Creami started ‘barreling smoke out’

'Ah dammit I was literally looking at this on Amazon like 20/30 minutes ago.'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Jul 14, 2023

The Ninja Creami has been one of the most sought-after kitchen appliances of the last year, but a dad on TikTok showed how his destructed after a few uses.

The first things viewers see in Jason Del Rio’s (@jasondelrio6) video is an unplugged Ninja Creami device on the floor and a cup with brown liquid and chunks next to it.

Del Rio warns viewers to be careful if they own or are thinking about buying a Ninja Creami. The popular gadget, which regularly sells out, is known for its ability to make quick homemade frozen treats, including ice cream, sorbets, gelato, and milkshakes. USA Today ranked it as its top ice cream maker of 2023.

However, Del Rio hasn’t had the most pleasant experience with the machine. As he gets closer to the device, it is evident that the top of the machine, where the blades appear to be, is melted and blackened in multiple places.

“Be careful. I’ve used this thing half a dozen, a dozen times. This was pretty new,” he said.

Del Rio added that he “thankfully” went downstairs with the device because it “just didn’t sound right.”

“It was barreling smoke out,” he said. In the caption, he wrote how it was a Father’s Day gift.

@jasondelrio6 My Fathers Day gift went up in smoke. #ninja #ninjacreami #ninjacreamibreeze #caughtfire #smoke #fyp ♬ original sound

A commenter pointed out that the issue may have been that Del Rio’s fruit pieces were too big for the blade to handle. But the dad responded, sharing that he followed the Ninja recipe book that instructed users to cut the fruit they were going to use into quarters and halves.

“I’m only good at following directions when it comes to the kitchen,” Del Rio added.

The video has more than 28,000 views and dozens of comments as of Friday.

Several commenters shared that they also had issues with the machine.

“The blade on ours scraped the sides of the container putting shavings into our mixture,” the most popular comment read.

“Great, they sent me the Breeze to replace the original Creami that started smoking,” a person said.

“It’s so weird how mine started on fire two days ago and I looked it up and there seems to be a lot of this happening this week they’re replacing my,” another wrote. There are several TikToks about the devices overheating or smoking.

Wirecutter, The New York Times’ review site, noted that it takes a lot of force for a blade to get through frozen material. “We could tell that the machine was working hard—maybe too hard.”

The Wirecutter testers noted that the Creami shook and smelled of burning plastic multiple times. One taste tester even said their ice cream had a burnt-plastic flavor.

The Daily Dot reached out to Del Rio via TikTok comment and Ninja Kitchen via Twitter and Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Jul 14, 2023, 9:05 am CDT