Customer recommends you get a Ninja Chop—not a Ninja Creami

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‘I got mine at Target’: Customer recommends you get a Ninja Chop—not a Ninja Creami. It’s 90% cheaper

'Not to sound old but Ive been doing this for 10 yrs and it's so much better honestly'


Melody Heald


Posted on Jan 27, 2024   Updated on Jan 27, 2024, 4:24 pm CST

A woman revealed how she saved money by buying a Ninja Chop instead of a Ninja Creami to make ice cream.

The video featured TikTok user Juliana (@julesspena), who was stirring chocolate ice cream in her Ninja Chop. “To that one girl that posted to get a Ninja Chop instead of a Ninja Creami cause it’s basically the same thing,” she said. “Thank you. You just saved me so much money and you deserve everything in life.”

According to the content creator, she bought her Ninja Chop for $20 instead of a Ninja Creami for $200. She sang her praises to the TikTok user Maddie Richman (@maddsreich) as she continued to stir her ice cream, calling it “fantastic.” Juliana concluded, “She’s just amazing. Love you.”

In the caption, Juliana wrote, “@Maddie Reichman I hope you have a great year because you just made mine!!”

@julesspena @Maddie Reichman ♬ original sound – Juliana ✨

The Daily Dot reached out to Juliana via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment. The video amassed 1.5 million views and Ninja Chop owners applauded the device.

“yes i did this too!! if you put less liquid it’s literally the exact same texture! i’ve been making sorbet nightly now!! takes like 5-10 mins,” one viewer praised.

“Not to sound old but Ive been doing this for 10 yrs and it’s so much better honestly,” a second wrote.

One viewer asked Juliana, “Where did you get it for 20?”

She responded with, “Got mine at Target!”

However, others still preferred the Ninja Creami.

“doesn’t look creamy, like the texture you get with the other one,” one user noted.

“I love the ninja creamy. It’s easier than that ice cube thing,” a second commented.

Ranked as the top ice cream maker in 2023, the Ninja Creami is marketed specifically as an ice cream maker. At $229, is not only pricier than the Ninja Chop but is also sometimes sold out. The Chop is intended for use chopping vegetables for salads or purees, but can apparently also produce frozen desserts. It is currently $32 at Walmart.

In terms of performance, one customer expressed concerns about the Creami’s durability after his started “barreling smoke.” Another shopper expressed concern about whether the popular appliance will end up adding to kitchen clutter.

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*First Published: Jan 27, 2024, 10:00 pm CST