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‘YOU DO NOT NEED THE APPLIANCE OF THE SEASON’: TikToker issues PSA about the Ninja Creami after finding 8 mini waffle makers at the thrift store

'Yeah I’m looking at you Ninja Creami.'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Jun 21, 2023

A popular sustainability content creator is urging people against buying the latest fad appliances, showing how they often get chucked after barely being used.

In the viral video, Shelbi (@shelbizlee) films herself from inside a thrift store. She holds up a mini waffle maker up to the camera, opening the device for viewers to see exactly what it is.

“YOU DO NOT NEED THE APPLIANCE OF THE SEASON,” the text overlay on the video reads.

She then flips the camera around and shows that there are multiple of the same appliance sitting at her local thrift store. She counts at least eight of the miniature appliances, of varying colors and brands, on the shelf.

“This is where they end up and 9/10 items donated to thrift stores are never resold. These trends are wasteful. Our planet cannot sustain this level of consumerism,” Shelbi says.

@shelbizleee yeah I’m looking at you Ninja Creami aka a blender… it’s a blender. #anticonsumerism #stopshopping #nobuy ♬ Makeba – Jain

The Washington Post reported that at least 30% “of the total weight of donations received by Goodwill are sold locally through thrift stores, e-commerce, and outlets. Leftovers are sold in bulk and sorted into categories, including resale, recycling, downcycling, and export.

The video had nearly 400,000 views and close to 700 comments just 14 hours after it went up. In the caption, Shelbi specifically urged people against buying the Ninja Creami, which makes frozen treats, including ice cream and sorbets. She pointed out the device is just a blender.

“Ya’ll I’m not trying to fight you over your waffle makers lol I’m saying think before you buy the latest trendy gadget,” Shelbi said in the comment section.

Shelbi is a content creator who primarily makes content related to sustainability and the environment. Her mission is to create a community “where the average person can come and feel like they can make a difference.”

“Living a sustainable lifestyle can be a daunting task, but my videos can help you break it down step by step,” her YouTube channel description reads.

Commenters under her video were largely in agreement with her message.

“Same goes for the water bottles of the season. thrift stores are full of swell and Starbucks bottles. I guarantee Stanley will be there next year,” one person said.

“Just like the egg muffin breakfast sandwich contraption. Just do it in a pan! It’s easy!” another wrote.

Shelbi shared that to avoid buying unnecessary items, including kitchen appliances, she implements a waiting period and keeps a wishlist.

“If I still really want it after a month I get it. Use my air fryers weekly,” she shared.

The Daily Dot reached out to both Shelbi and Ninja for comment via email.

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*First Published: Jun 21, 2023, 8:11 am CDT