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‘Its giving “master please let dobby free”‘: Woman shares her ‘niche proposal ick’ and commenters agree

'Your ick is kinda valid.'


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Posted on Mar 25, 2024   Updated on Mar 25, 2024, 8:38 am CDT

On social media, it’s become commonplace for people to discuss their “icks,” or little things they see as a turnoff that may not always make sense to everyone. However, a TikToker shared one of her icks when it comes to proposals, and many think it is valid.

Last weekend, TikTok creator @jordyyhard shared in a video that it bothers her when people who propose don’t have good posture. She noted that she didn’t want to look back on her proposal and see the “Hunchback of Notre Dame.” As of Wednesday evening, her TikTok has received more than 7 million views.

“I know this is niche, but I swear to God, if I post a picture and my man’s doing one of these. I’m pissed,” @jordyyhard said.

Here are @jordyyhard’s tips: Make sure your back is straight, one knee should be on the ground while your other leg is upright, almost like doing a lunge.

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment for further response.

According to Brides.com, the practice of getting down on one knee can be traced back to medieval times when knights would bow before noblewomen as a sign of respect. However, proposals weren’t always big declarations of love, and a lot of early marriages likely began with pretty lackluster and casual proposals. The website also noted that it could be good for a person to discuss with their partner about how they’d like to be proposed to, so there’s no misunderstanding or disappointment.

Marriage proposals have continued to change throughout time, with some people even preferring to keep things lowkey, and some couples finding a fancy proposal unnecessary, particularly if they may live together or they were previously married.


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Viewers largely validated @jordyyhard’s ick, concluding that posture can say a lot about the nature of a proposal and the person proposing.

“Your ick is kinda valid. Will make sure to do it right when I propose to my future wife,” user @bertini.bb said.

“Mine said he practiced A LOT before the proposal— 90 degrees and straight back. He did so good,” user Emily Nicole (@emilynicole955) said.

“BRB gonna watch 8 million proposal videos to look for this now lol,” user @discobluberry said.

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*First Published: Mar 25, 2024, 10:00 am CDT