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‘They scammin the babies’: Mom calls out Scholastic book fair after what they sold her daughter

'They selling Dollar Tree items.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Apr 24, 2024   Updated on Apr 24, 2024, 10:47 am CDT

The Scholastic Book Fair is a staple of the public education experience, a hallmark of the literary experience for many young readers who may be choosing books to take home forever for the very first time on their own. While the book fair, a traveling retail book sales experience brought to public schools by book publisher Scholastic, may be intended to serve a higher purpose for young readers, to a certain age bracket the books are not the main draw.

It is the knickknacks.

Pens, pencils, erasers in fun shapes, colors, and even smells. Notepads with secret compartments, pens that write in ink only visible under a black light. There are so many small, but pricey items ready to divert the attention of young, impulsive shoppers.

One mother says she sent her young daughter to her school’s book fair with $10, and she came back with no books. In the video posted to TikTok by Paris Maelii (@maemaeparis_), she says her daughter came home with a small heart-shaped notepad and a UV light pen instead of any new reading material.

“My baby girl mama gave her $10 for the Scholastic books fair,” she says in the video. “She got two items. One was $3.99 and the other was $4.99. It’s a heart notepad and a super secret UV light pen. I’m about to show y’all the two things she got.”

She captioned her video with the statement that she does not want to give her money to purchase overpriced school supplies.

“This is why i refuse to give her money for this blasphemy,” she captioned her video.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Maelii via Instagram direct message regarding the video, as well as to Scholastic via email.

Some viewers commented on the video regarding the items her daughter purchased, saying she could have gotten similar items for much less elsewhere.

“They selling Dollar Tree items,” one commenter wrote.

“I could get you 200 of each on temu for the same price,” another said.

“A 99 cent store notepad for 5 dollars is insane,” a third added.


This is why i refuse to give her money for this blasphemy . 😩😩😩😂

♬ original sound – Paris Maelii

Others remarked that the experience was one many have had at the book fair, being sent to purchase books and coming back with everything but.

“Its such a childhood experience tho i still remember how lucky i was to have money at the book fair,” one commented.

“Girl it’s about experience,” a second wrote.

“Yes agreed, definitely over priced,” a further user said. “But the excitement and over joy my son gets when he gets to go buy something from book fair is priceless!”

While Maelii didn’t note what grade her daughter is in, the Scholastic Book Fair’s prices for actual books range from $6 to $20 for single books, while box sets and larger books can run up to $40.

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*First Published: Apr 24, 2024, 2:00 pm CDT