Woman overhears boys complaining that their girlfriends are ‘ugly’ on spring break, tries to expose them


‘Time to find new ones’: Woman overhears boys complaining that their girlfriends are ‘ugly’ on spring break, tries to expose them

'Them having to take off their shirts off for pickleball is the first red flag.'


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Posted on Mar 19, 2024   Updated on Mar 18, 2024, 1:59 pm CDT

How would you feel if you heard your girlfriend or boyfriend confess to their friends that you thought they were unattractive?

TikTok user Anna Woodring (@annacwoodring) found herself as an accidental fly-on-the-wall of a conversation between a group of guys who appeared to be on vacation in the Seaside, Panama City Beach area during Spring Break.

According to Woodring, the men were all complaining about the aesthetics of their girlfriends to one another, and she called them out on TikTok while recording their time on a Pickleball court.

The TikToker writes in a text overlay of her video as she looks into the camera with her hand over her mouth, laughing: “If your bf’s are in seaside/ PCB Florida for spring break they’re literally talking about how ugly their gf’s are… time to find new ones.”

The clip then cuts to some guys playing Pickleball, and one of them is shirtless.

Woodring added in a caption for the video: “lookin out for all the girls who’s bf’s came here w out them,” while adding a #pickleball hashtag.

Commenters who saw the post had a litany of reactions. Some of them said that the men’s sports attire preferences for the game of Pickleball said a lot about their personalities.

“Them having to take off [their] shirts off for pickleball is the first red flag,” one person wrote.

Someone else simply said, “Meanwhile [they’re] playing pickleball…”

Several other people said that after reading her caption, despite knowing there wasn’t any way these men could be their boyfriend that she was referring to.

“Why did my heart drop i do not have a bf,” one user said.

“My heart dropped and my bf is going nowhere for spring break,” another wrote.

“I panicked and im 34 married with 3 kids,” someone else replied.

One user thought that Woodring could’ve found a way to make the men she was calling out in her video sweat a little bit. “Go up to them and say “ hey i’m rlly good friends with ur gf!!” they suggested.

Another commenter shared a similar experience while noting in her TikTok bio that she’s a model: “No bc this happened to me before and found out from his friends.”

@annacwoodring lookin out for all the girls who’s bf’s came here w out them🫡 #fyp #foryoupage #relatable #pickleball #springbreak #seaside #relationships #florida #girlsgirl ♬ original sound – Access denied 🙅‍♀️

Panama City Beach in Florida is a highly-frequented Spring Break tourist destination between the dates of March 1 through April 14, according to the PCB Police Department.

According to Very Well Mind, long-term partners can often lose attraction for one another over time, and listed several factors as to how this can happen, further proving esteemed neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran’s claim that the human mind is a “bag of tricks” that can be manipulated. Predictability, settling into routines that take precedence over romance, physical attraction waning due to a change in partners’ bodies, and unresolved conflicts can ultimately lead people to not “feeling it” for their significant other, the outlet states.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Woodring via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Mar 19, 2024, 12:00 am CDT