Woman suspects her Hinge date has a girlfriend after using his bathroom. His showerhead was the biggest giveaway

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‘And the Dyson’: Woman suspects her Hinge date has a girlfriend after using his bathroom. His showerhead was the biggest giveaway



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Posted on Dec 26, 2023   Updated on Dec 26, 2023, 12:40 pm CST

Navigating the world of online dating can often leave one feeling like Andy Dufresne at the end of The Shawshank Redemption crawling through a proverbial cesspool of awful individuals while you (hopefully) try to possess a certain level of class yourself in the hopes having a good time with someone you have some sort of a connection with.

And while different people head into dates with different expectations—someone’s looking for their first (or additional) baby daddy, while another is already deciding between centerpieces for their wedding, and someone else just wants to sleep with someone other people find attractive for bragging rights—there are some universal do’s and don’ts that even the most “I don’t judge” of people would probably turn their noses up at.

Like being in a committed relationship with someone that you live with, not being honest about being in that committed relationship, and then inviting another person you met on a dating app to spend some alone time with.

And according to some women, they’ve learned that the best way to find out if a guy is seeing someone else through their dating app journeys is to simply inspect their bathroom. Which is a tactic that another TikToker, @quesoscorpio, implemented in a viral clip where they showed off a Hinge date’s bathroom and surmised that he either had a girlfriend or was, as she puts it “applying nail polish to fingers” emoji.

“MY BATHROOM ISNT EVEN THIS NICE,” she confesses in a caption for the video as she rummages through toiletries. Loud music blares as she shows off facial cream, matte-wrapped scented candles. She giggles as she says, ‘Who the f*ck cooked here?'” she then focuses her camera on a shower head while repeating the word “cooked” pointing out that it looks like the filtered kind offered by the brand Jolie that’s advertised as being better for people’s hair and skin.

The evidence throughout the video continues to mount, according to the TikToker, who then sets her sights on the Dyson blow dryer in its original case, tucked away in a storage area of the bathroom. The clip cuts off with her recording herself laughing into the camera and asking “What is happening?”

There were several other people who agreed with her assessment of the bathroom set up, however, one person remarked that the situation may have been more serious than she initially thought: “The JOLIE??? Dude he’s MARRIED”

Another person echoed this sentiment as they thought the shower head was indeed what set the record straight on the man’s presumed relationship status: “The jolie is the biggest giveaway”

“the jolie is what confirmed this for me,” to which @quesoscorpio agreed, writing: “me too its too niche”

However for other folks, while they could forgive the shower head and the candles and the facial cream and the overall tidiness of the bathroom, what they couldn’t ignore was the hair dryer: “I was like ‘maybe he just pays attention to detail’ until I saw the Dyson”

“The dyson would be my breaking point,” someone wrote and apparently, according to @quesoscorpio, the dude was pretty liberal with whoever he lets use it: “he was like you can borrow it WGAHHAHAHAHAJA”



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However there were other people who said that the dude actually ended up bringing her to his significant other’s place, not his own: “Girl that’s definitely his gfs house put 2 and 2 together.”

Which was a fear expressed by others: “baby he brought you to HER APARTMENT my worst nightmare on either side lmao”

There was another bit of information that the TikToker thought was worth sharing with her followers as well: “he also has a KING BED IN NYC”

Some users accused the TikToker of being “a bad person” if she didn’t go out of her way to indeed find out if the guy has a girlfriend and alerting her that he might be cheating.

And while @quesoscorpio didn’t dedicate an entire follow-up video to an update on the situation that so many TikTokers were clamoring for, she did write in the comments section of another clip she posted at a later date of her attempting a dragon braid on her hair for the first time. One commenter wrote: “give us the bathroom tea” to which the TikToker summarily described what transpired: “the girl saw the video and he is a liar,” she penned.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @quesoscorpio via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Dec 26, 2023, 5:00 pm CST