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‘The best car I owned’: Mechanics weigh-in on the age-old Honda Accord vs. Toyota Camry debate

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Posted on Feb 27, 2024   Updated on Feb 27, 2024, 3:26 pm CST

Recently, Colorado-based automotive shop Accurate Automative posted a short clip asking its mechanics whether they preferred Honda Accords or Toyota Camrys, and the results were more one-sided than expected.

There are many debates on which vehicle or manufacturer is the best compared to its direct competitor—like the Ford F-150 versus the Chevrolet Silverado or Porsche versus Corvette. However, the people making an argument for one car or another are often car enthusiasts, not mechanics. In a video that garnered 2.4 million views, TikToker AccurateAuto (@accurateautoinc) surveyed six mechanics on Honda Accords versus Toyota Camrys.

Passing from one to another, an employee asks, “Honda Accord or Toyota Camry?” One employee chose the Honda Accord, while five went for the Toyota Camry.

The final mechanic summed up the question before answering, “Oh, those are really close to the same. I personally like the Toyotas a little bit better than Hondas. I’m going to go with Toyota.”

Viewers took to the comments section to defend their pick.

“Toyota Camry for the win,” one said.

“Honda Accords are more fun to drive, but Toyota Camry is more reliable. Either way, Toyotas and Hondas are the best cars,” a second replied.

“I bought a 1998 Honda Accord back then 2002 with 60 k miles today is close to 500 k miles so my Honda wins,” another shared.

“As a mechanic I would agree on the Camry, but I prefer the accord for driving experience,” a fourth added.

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It’s a close call on whether Toyota or Honda makes the best mid-size vehicle, according to Auto City. The dealership reports that both cars are considered to be top-rated vehicles. Both are of Japanese design and are known for practicality and reliability. Looks-wise, the Honda Accord has sharper lines. However, the Toyota Camry’s interior is made with better materials. Redesigned for 2023, the Honda Accord is in its 11th generation, whereas the Toyota Camry is in its eighth generation and is expected to be redesigned in 2024.

Car and Driver reports that Toyota Camrys have a wider range of engine options and offer an all-wheel drive option instead of just front-wheel drive. As for fuel efficiency, Camrys and Accords are almost evenly matched. According to a real-world test by Car and Driver, a 2023 Accord EX attained 40 mpg, while a 2022 Camry SE reached 36 mpg.

Luckily for prospective buyers, Accords and Camrys are very reliable. Choosing either one generally comes down to preference and style. Because of their similarities, the two car companies have fallen into a rivalry, with the main deciding factor being affordability, though some dealerships have expanded the competition into other arenas. For example, one Toyota dealership challenged a Honda dealership to a dance battle to determine the best.

The Daily Dot reached out to Accurate Automotive via TikTok comments and to Toyota and Honda via email for further information.

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*First Published: Feb 27, 2024, 10:00 pm CST