Mcdonald's worker says she ignores drive-thru customers who yell 'hello' before she's ready

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‘I make ’em wait’: McDonald’s worker says she ignores drive-thru customers who yell ‘hello’ before she’s ready to take their order

‘I’m a manager and I condone this.’


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The key to getting your order quickly from a drive-thru is perhaps to be patient—at least, according to a McDonald’s worker.

The popular fast-food chain’s workers are fed up with impatient customers who pull up to the intercom and immediately shout “hello.” In a TikTok, a worker says she decided to take her sweet time and ignore customers in protest.

In the video, TikTok user @maccasworkaddict is seen in their McDonald’s uniform seated and doing a dance. The text layover reads, “You can’t keep ignoring the car just because they screamed hello as soon as they got there.” Their confident attitude on the video insinuates that yes, they can. The sound accompanying the video is “Wassup Gway” by Famous Sally & YB.


would rather listen to the dinging then the person talk

♬ Wassup Gwayy – FamousSally & YB

The video has over 33,000 views as of Friday, resonating with other fast-food workers.

“I’m a manager and i condone this,” one user commented, implying that they understand @maccasworkaddict’s frustration.

“Legit I used to say ‘thank you so much for waiting/for your patience,’” recalls another user about their sarcastic response to customers.

“Some honked at me for waiting 1 second (car didn’t even stop) th[e]n at the window threatened me luckily police was just a car behind him,” another viewer shared.

‘Amen, i make em wait,” one user commented.

The Daily Dot has previously covered some of the fast-food workers’ biggest pet peeves when taking orders at the drive-thru. Customers saying “hello” as soon as they arrive at the intercom was cited as a major one. Similarly, another pet peeve workers shared is when customers start saying their order immediately as they pull up to the intercom mentioned.

@maccasworkaddict’s TikTok page is filled with content about what it’s like to work at McDonald’s in Australia. Other struggles they mention include a rude customer who filed a complaint after they tried to help the customer during their break, getting assigned overtime after an eight-hour shift, and getting sent home early for being one of the most expensive employees due to their age

The Daily Dot has reached out to @maccasworkaddict and McDonalds for comment via email.

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