McDonald’s drive-thru customer orders large fry and dipping sauce. It’s $5

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‘Go on Friday and ONLY use the app!!!’: McDonald’s drive-thru customer orders large fry and dipping sauce. It’s $5

‘My sausage muffin meal this morning was $11.’


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A McDonald’s customer was horrified to learn that an order of large fries with sweet and sour dipping sauce set him back $5.

The customer created a TikTok showing their surprisingly expensive McDonald’s drive-thru experience. It was posted by user VeganKitty (@vegan_kittyyy), and drew more than 286,900 views since going up on Aug. 9.

“I don’t know the last time I went to McDonald’s,” the person at the drive-thru says, “but when the f*ck did fries get to five dollars?”


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The video shows a McDonald’s drive-thru display screen with the order of large fries coming to $4.59 and the dipping sauce at 25 cents. With 34 cents tax, the total comes to $5.18.

Commenters had a range of suggestions, and some were less delicate than others.

“Sooo cook at home,” one offered. “Soo much cheaper. You are paying for convenience.”

Another said, “Only use the app when I go, much cheaper.”

One commenter suggested, “Go on Friday and ONLY use the app!!!”

That commenter was likely nodding to Free Fries Fridays; according to the McDonald’s website, the special allows customers to “get a free medium Fries with any $1 minimum purchase, only in the McDonald’s app” through the end of 2023.

“Make it fry day with a friend,” that site suggests, though it appears solo customers are also eligible for the promotion.

Some commenters used the occasion to accuse McDonald’s of trying to pull various fast ones on customers.

“I JUST screamed today when I saw a medium fry was 3.89 on the app,” one complained. “I’m sick.”

“And the large fries are the size of small fries,” someone else contended, adding, “shrinkflation.”

“Man the drinks used to be a dollar,” claimed another. “Now they’re like $2.49 for half a damn cup of ice and a sip of pop.”

Someone else wrote, “My sausage muffin meal this morning was $11.”

McDonald’s prices have been a popular subject for TikTokers lately; one recent viral TikTok, covered by the Daily Dot, showed a Big Mac combo in a Connecticut store approaching $17.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to McDonald’s via email.

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