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‘I could go to either place’: McDonald’s expert says Burger King is preparing a new $5 combo meal. Which is the best value?

‘Wendy’s is putting them to task too.’


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Fast-food inflation has been waging war on the pockets of consumers who enjoy hot and ready meals from a variety of chains. The cost of this fare, which many would say gained popularity for being low-cost, last-ditch food or late-night grub is now considered a “luxury.”

Fast food costs have effectively outpaced the average rate of inflation in other U.S. industries, and numerous consumers have taken to the internet to rant about menu prices at some of their favorite establishments.

McDonald’s is one such restaurant that has received some heat from guests, and it’s been reported that lower-income customers have stopped considering the chain. The chain’s CEO Chris Kempczinski said that providing value for this segment of restaurant guests is a top concern. This could be why Mickey D’s announced it’d be offering a $5 combo meal.

McDonald’s limited-time $5 combo

According to CNBC, the box contains fries, a drink, four-piece nuggets, and a McChicken or a McDouble, all for the price of five bucks. The promotion starts on June 25 and lasts a month. Tasting Table reported that Burger King is offering a similar deal to its customers with the Your Way Meal, which also retails for $5 and gives shoppers the choice between a Whopper Jr., Chicken Jr., or Bacon Cheeseburger, along with nuggets, fries, and a drink as well.

Former McDonald’s Corporate chef Mike Haracz said that Burger King’s combo meal is a clear example that the latter chain is gunning for fast-food burger value dominance, as statements made from business reps clearly stated the promotion was going to last at least several months, as opposed to the four weeks of Mickey D’s run, per Reuters.

Haracz, in his trademark fashion, records his TikTok from the interior of his car.

In his latest bit of Mickey D’s commentary, he discusses how BK is gunning for the golden arches with its latest budget offering, the $5 combo meal bag, akin to Wendy’s popular 4 for $4.

Burger King’s $5 value meal

“Burger King is coming after McDonald’s,” he says. “I’m a former McDonald’s corporate chef and Burger King has announced that it is bringing its own five dollar value meal to its menu. Something very interesting that they’ve publicly stated is not only are they gonna bring it back before McDonald’s, they said that they are gonna keep it on the menu much longer than McDonald’s does.”

He adds, “McDonald’s said it’s bringing its $5 value meal however it would be only for a month and only at select locations. I have a feeling the same thing is gonna happen at Burger King where it might not be at all locations. But this is very common in QSR [quick-service restaurant] World. Whether its Chicken Wars, whether it’s the snack wrap alternative, whatever the other kind of deal or values, McDonald’s seldomly is the one doing it first.”

Commenters weigh in

One person wrote that there have been other fast food chains that have ensured guests have relatively low-cost combo meals at their fingertips. “Wendy’s has been doing it already for YEARS,” they wrote. “They’ve made a few more expensive at $7 or $6 recently but still have 3 meals $5 or less”

Another said, “Wendy’s is putting them to task too by coming out with theirs.”

Several folks swore by Burger King, stating that BK’s menu items are far superior to Ronald McDonald’s.

“Burger King will always be better than McTrash,” one person said.

Another replied, “BK is already a better value than McD. And the flame flavor is better.”

“The rodeo burger is great. There bbq sauce is better. Not corn syrup swill,” someone else remarked.

Others weren’t enthused with the idea of eating anything from Burger King.

“I had Burger King yesterday for the first time in a very long time, it was terrible. won’t be going back anytime soon,” one user said.

Others directed customers to the McDonald’s app, which has deals year-round that many users raved about. “Our area has the 2 for 3.50 mcdouble/chicken, 1.39 any size fountain and free medium fries with 2.00 purchase on the app. so all of that for 4.89 plus tax,” one said.

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In an email to the Daily Dot, Haracz said he believes the move to be a smart one for Burger King. “They would like to take market share away from McD while also providing customer’s the better value they are looking for,” he said. “They are also smart discussing keeping it on the menu longer, actively listening to consumers needs.”

And when asked if he intended on pitting the two combo meals in a review face off with each other, Haracz wrote, “I haven’t really done a major review of food items from different QSR’s but I’m sure I could make some comments about it.”

The Daily Dot has also reached out to McDonald’s, and Burger King via email for further comment.

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