McDonald’s customer’s McChicken comes drenched in sauce.

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‘Someone quit their job that day surely’: McDonald’s customer’s McChicken comes drenched in sauce. Viewers think the worker did it on purpose

‘This is why u check the food before leaving.’


Melody Heald


An Australian McDonald’s customer unveiled her McChicken fail, leading viewers to speculate the worker behind the messy masterpiece was on their way out.

The 13-second clip was uploaded by TikTok user and McDonald’s customer Azure (@azuremusicau), who said she asked for extra McChicken sauce on the side when ordering a McChicken sandwich. Well, she got more than she bargained for because her McChicken was drenched in so much sauce that it was leaking out of the container. “I asked for McChicken sauce on the side. Extra,” the content creator told her 30,000 followers. “What the absolute f*ck?” She said in addition to the sandwich looking “disgusting,” the sandwich and sauce were “ice cold.” In the caption, Azure tagged McDonald’s Australia. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Azure via Instagram direct message and to McDonald’s Australia via press email. Her video racked up over 521,000 views within a day, and many viewers cracked jokes and speculated about the worker’s state.

“Someone didn’t want to be at work today,” one speculated.

“Someone quit their job that day,” another said.

However, some liked the amount of McChicken sauce added.

“That’s the good stuff, I’m lucky to get 2 drops sometimes,” one user said.

“Not gonna like. That’s what I want every time I ask for extra mcchicken sauce,” a second echoed.

“my red flag is that I think I’d love this. Which branch is this from lol,” a third agreed.

Others shared their similar stories.

“lmao I asked for extra lettuce once and I couldn’t even see the burger,” one person commented.

“this happend to me [with] a mcflurry I got all Oreo no ice cream,” a second stated.

“Omg I asked for extra pickles once and the amount of sauce you have… image that as pickles bahahahhaa the worker really said.. bet,” a third shared.

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