Raiders star accused of almost using the N-word in official NFL video.

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‘Y’all what now?’: Raiders star accused of almost using the N-word in official NFL video. Did he?

"He's allowed to say it'


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Posted on Nov 4, 2023

Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby uploaded a video, which was posted to the team’s official X page where he stuttered before saying the word “need,” repeating the “n” sound twice before the word left his lips.

Now, users on the platform are debating as to whether or not Crosby almost uttered a racial slur in the clip. Some believe that his near-slip-up is clear cut and are astounded that the Raiders wouldn’t ask him to upload second take, while others were struggling to hear where the slip up occurred at all. Here’s the video in question:

“Raider Nation what is up it’s Maxx Crosby in the building just got done with practice I just want to say Sunday y’all n- need to be out and allegiant in full effect it’s about to be a movie. We love you guys, Raider nation.” He ends his mini online speech by repeating a famous quote from legendary GM Al Davis: “Just win baby.”

It’s the “n-” stutter before Crosby says “need” that’s leading some on the internet to speculate that he almost dropped the n-word in the video, before quickly changing it to “y’all need to be out.”

X user and Kansas City Chiefs fan John Baione quipped, “That N Word was SO CLOSE of coming out”

One user on the platform joked: “He’s allowed to say it.”

While someone else think that white football players fighting the urge to say the n-word, for whatever reason, is a common occurrence in the NFL.

Another commenter couldn’t understand why Crosby would upload the video and not just do another take, indicating that they definitely thought he almost said the word. “he couldnt do a retake like im dead man,” the user wrote.

But there were also some folks who responded to Baione’s retweet of Crosby’s video who said that they couldn’t see where the NFL defensive end almost said the word in the clip.

While there were plenty of jokes about people giving Crosby a “pass” to say the word, there were other people who said that Crosby is a beloved member of the Raiders team and that there really aren’t anecdotes about his personality or individual character that would indicate he is anything other than a hard worker on the field and a devoted teammate. “People close to him know he’s a good dude. He’s a hard worker and good dude. Find me something bad anyone has said about him,” wrote one user.

ESPN published a glowing piece about Maxx Crosby which highlighted a quote from the player who discussed a pivotal play that helped secure a victory for the Raiders over the New England Patriots. Crosby speaks about the game as if it was an emotional scene from a movie: “There’s no better feeling, closing the game out. It was an out-of-body experience. It was incredible.”

Crosby has found himself in hot water before when he was accused of unsportsmanlike conduct against offensive guard Trai Turner in a 2021 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The unsportsmanlike conduct in question? Crosby allegedly spit on Turner and was subsequently issued a fine. However, the Raiders player appealed the fine stating that no such thing occurred during the game and chalked the incident up to a misunderstanding.

While there are a lot of folks who are arguing that they thought Crosby was intending to say the word, the reaction to his video appears to be mixed. Atlantic writer Tashan Reed belives that Crosby was simply stuttering in the video and that he would never say the word.

It appears that the clip, and Crosby’s messaging in it is a matter of opinion. After watching it, what did you think?

The Daily Dot has reached out to the Las Vegas Raiders via email and Baione via X comment for further information.

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*First Published: Nov 4, 2023, 4:36 pm CDT