Marriott employee says she texts her work bestie to warn them pre-shift about management being ‘in a mood.

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‘We take our good days when we can’: Marriott employee says she texts her work bestie to warn them pre-shift about management being ‘in a mood.’ Viewers can relate

‘i hate workin front desk.’


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Employees can face a lot of stress at work, especially if they have to deal with poor management and staffing issues. One TikToker has now gone viral on the platform for sharing how she tries to reduce stress for one of her co-workers.

In a video that’s accrued over 1 million views and 142,000 likes, Ontario-based TikToker and Marriott employee Penny Mushsquash (@pennymushquash) says she texts her “work bestie” about the issues she’s having during her shift so that her co-worker can prepare for the bad day ahead.

@pennymushquash We take our good days when we can 🙃 #foryou #foryoupage #marroitt ♬ original sound – Birdie ⚢

“*texting my work bestie before she comes in saying that management is in a mood, there were 3 call outs, THAT bitch is on shift, and there’s no towels or linens,” text overlay reads as Mushquash pretends to type a message.

Business News Daily writes that having work besties can “reduce burnout and boost productivity,” adding, “Individuals who have friends at work are less likely to experience burnout than workers without workplace friends. Workers who aren’t experiencing burnout are more productive and happier.”

The outlet went on to cite two separate surveys conducted by Gallup and Wildgoose that state having someone to confide in or vent to at work often helps individuals come up with solutions to issues and relieve on-the-job stress.

Harvard Business Review also penned a piece about “the power of work friends,” which says that having a “work bestie” goes deeper for many individuals than just having someone to gripe to about a lack of towels or a manager’s crumby behavior. It also helps combat a serious emotional issue many folks suffer from—loneliness.

“Millions of people suffer from loneliness,” the article reads. “More than 300 million people globally don’t have a single friend, according to Gallup data. And more than 20% of people don’t have friends or family they can count on whenever they need them.”

The outlet went on to recommend ways companies could help combat loneliness and foster a sense of companionship between workers, or at least set employees on the track toward doing so. One of the recommended methods is establishing a “buddy system” for new hires so they can be shown the ropes and develop an on-the-job friendship in the process, which, in turn, helps boost productivity.

In the comments section of Mushquash’s post, a number of folks seemed to sympathize with her issues with working in the hotel service industry.

“I hate workin front desk. I be in the middle of it all,” one viewer wrote.

“Why is it never new towels bro,” another asked.

Others wished they received such messages from their work besties to be better prepared before they clock in: “Wish my work wife did this for me but it was rare she did,” one viewer shared.

Another remarked that they would refrain from sending these kinds of messages out of fear that their work bestie would decide to call it quits: “i don’t tell her bc she won’t come in.”

The Daily Dot contacted Mushquash via TikTok comment for further information.

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