Manager asks worker to come in early. The manager isn't even there on time


‘I’m going home’: Manager asks worker to come in early. The manager isn’t even there on time

'This is why you don't be nice to people.'


Parks Kugle


Posted on Jul 10, 2023

A restaurant worker has gone viral after venting her frustration about coming in early only to discover that her manager hasn’t arrived.

TikToker Jai (@jaila_aa) filmed the short clip standing in the back parking lot of her workplace. The video has been viewed nearly 28,000 times as of Monday.


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Jai begins her video by saying, “Okay I guess this is why you don’t be nice to people and you don’t come in for people.”

A white text overlay on the clip reads, “POV: You get called in early & your managers not even here.”

The worker explains that her manager had asked her to adjust her work schedule. She expresses her frustration as she says, ” I originally was supposed to come in from 4 to 11:15, but my manager was like, ‘Can you come in 12 pm to 11:15?”

“Closing, you know what I mean?” Jai explains to the camera. “I say, ‘Yeah’.” Jai walks over to the door and jiggles the handle, showing that it’s locked. “And guess what? They’re not even here. I’m going home,” Jai concludes.

The worker joins other diligent employees who have arrived at their shift early only to be kept waiting in the parking lot by a manager who is late. Users unanimously supported Jai and empathized with her plight.

“This is exactly why I don’t do it,” one user said, regarding volunteering to come to work early.

“Chile same … they call me to the rescue too much,” wrote a second.

“And that’s when i would’ve never answered a call from the manager again,” another user added.

“The way i would’ve went back home so fast,” someone else said, agreeing with the worker’s decision to leave despite the fact that her manager had yet to show up.

“Why they played in ur face like that,” another asked.

Daily Dot reached out to Jai via email.

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*First Published: Jul 10, 2023, 5:02 pm CDT