Man tells his wife to buy her own drinks

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‘You didn’t say HOW she had to pay for her drinks’: Man tells his wife to buy her own drinks. It backfires

'She got it in the bag, you never stood a chance.'


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Posted on Jan 19, 2024   Updated on Jan 19, 2024, 9:40 am CST

Some people are social butterflies—folks who, like magic, seem to know how to ingratiate themselves with folks and get on the good side of random strangers. Sometimes, these winsome individuals can use this gift to benefits that extend beyond good company—like getting a stranger at a bar to cover their tab.

This is something that a TikToker who goes by Carl Sagan (@basht0p) on the platform discovered his wife is really good at after he told her that she should pay for her own beverages. Her response seemingly shocked Sagan, and left numerous viewers who saw his clip both amused and impressed.

“Told my wife to pay for her own drinks,” a text overlay in the video reads with the clip starting on the TikToker making a face into the camera.

The clip then quickly cuts to him recording a woman, presumably his wife, cozying up to another man at the bar. They are sharing a laugh together, indicating that she may be finessing the dude with some flirtation to get herself some paid-for booze.

“The unbridled professionalism,” he quips in another overlay as another man’s head pops into frame, revealing that she’s potentially working not one, but two alcohol marks.

“I don’t stand a chance without her,” he writes before the video closes out as she continues to chat it up with the gentleman sitting at the bar.

Numerous people made references to the term “sprinkle, sprinkle” as a way of applauding Sagan’s wife’s performance. One viewer relayed a story about a drinking-related bet they played with their sibling, writing, “My brother made a bet with me that he could get a drink bought for him before I did, in Vegas…I had men buying drinks for me, him, my sister, AND our dad Sprinkle Sprinkle.”

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Another remarked that they too manage to finagle free drinks from strangers while remaining faithful to their significant other.

“As retired pole fairy I’ve managed to get men to buy drinks for my whole party at the bar and leave with my man,” they wrote.

Someone else said that after seeing Sagan’s wife in action, they would probably cave in and buy her a drink as well.

“Dude her eyes and her smile are very charismatic,” they wrote. “I would have bought her a drink too.”

Then there was one viewer who hit him with this bit of advice, saying, “Hey if ur not willing to another man will!”

Bar life and the human behavioral patterns that exist within it are often discussed, especially when it comes to the topic of men purchasing women’s drinks. Of course, there are several reasons why someone would do this: if a guy is interested in talking to a girl, he might offer her a beverage as a means of breaking the ice that would hopefully lead to a longer conversation. It also demonstrates an actionable interest in a person: buying a drink shows one is willing to make a nominal investment as a means of attempting to talk to a person.

However, an article penned to the outlet Girls Ask Guys says that the origins of men buying women drinks “actually began as a form of exploitation and manipulation.”

The piece explained further, stating: “The entire premise behind this idea was that [alcohol] reduces inhibition, so therefore to maximize his chance of scoring he needed to get alcohol in the girl’s system ASAP—even if that means he pays for it and buys the drink for her. And that’s it. Men started buying women drinks not because they wanted to do something nice for the girl, but simply because their goal was to get alcohol in her system so she would loosen up and be more open to sexual acts.”

The message of the post was summed up with a warning to women about the intentions some men may have when it comes to buying women drinks: “So for you younger women out there, don’t necessarily feel accomplished—or grateful—when a guy either offers to buy you a drink, or does buy you a drink, because even if you wanted a drink to have fun he probably wanted to get you drunk more than you wanted to have a drink. Aka—don’t trust guys that buy you drinks.”

But it seems like there are people who are very well aware of this fact, like one woman who was featured in a Daily Mail piece who shared her techniques that ensure men buy her drinks whenever she goes out on the town. The article cited a method employed by TikTok user Kendall Kiper who said that her technique “works 99% of the time” and begins with her targeting a man at a bar and asking him what he’s going to order, approving of his drink choice, and then sharing what she plans on getting herself. The influencer says that more often than not, the men in question will tell then simply offer to buy her a beverage, which she’ll enjoy after sharing a few niceties and then walking away, free alcohol in hand.

It’s unclear what methodology Sagan’s wife in his TikTok employed to get a free beverage, but it certainly seemed like she charmed the dude from across the bar.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Sagan via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Jan 19, 2024, 1:00 pm CST