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‘This is why I rarely shop Amazon!’: Man says he made $4K by reselling $6 HomeGoods jars on Amazon

'Why would anyone pay quadruple?'


Jack Alban


Posted on Sep 6, 2023

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure is an old adage that is certainly true for resellers. The wonderful thing about the wide world of the internet is that if you put something up there for sale, there will probably be someone who’s willing to pay decent money for it.

TikToker @africandondadaaa documented how he was able to make over $4,000 in a single day buying $6-$8 jars from HomeGoods, which he then turned around and re-sold on Amazon for $46 a piece.

“These Fake Amazon gurus prolly gonna get my account shut down for showing this because the ROI is so high! But idga. Enough money for everyone!!” @africandondadaaa captioned the video, where he walks viewers through how he did it.

“Went to HomeGoods, seen these cookie canisters going for $46, but I bought them for $6.50. Some cost $8; some cost $9. I bought over 200 or 150 something like that,” he started.

He showed off how his shopping carts were filled with the cookie jars in various colors but all roughly the same size. His video transitioned to the trunk and backseat of a car packed with the canisters. He noted how he traveled to various HomeGoods locations, even driving out of state to nab as many as he could find in Maryland and Virginia.

@africandondadaaa Since people think I just be talking ….. This is how I made over $4k in one day Reselling Cookie Jars From HomeGoods on Amazon. Purchased them for $6-$8 and sold them for $46! These Fake Amazon gurus prolly gonna get my account shut down for showing this because the ROI is so high! But idga 🤫. Enough money 💰 for everyone!! Ps- the same thing they charge yoll $7,500 for im showing yoll for $0.00 DM #nogatekeeping if you got any questions! I also offer my E-Commerce course + Mentorship! Love yoll E-commerce Course is finally out 🙏🏽❤️ Amazon E-commerce: #AmazonEcommerce #AmazonSeller #AmazonFBA #OnlineRetailer #EcommerceBusiness #AmazonDeals #ShopAmazon #AmazonPrime #AmazonHaul #AmazonFinds ♬ original sound – Africandondadaa

Once he was back home with the products, he then separated them and prepped the canisters for shipping, affixing a protective layer of bubble wrap and then sliding them into cardboard boxes that seemed to perfectly fit the items.

He then placed the jars in a secondary box filled with “fluff fluffs,” as the reseller calls them (packing peanuts).

Toward the end of the video, @africandondadaaa showed how he placed the packages on a moving cart for seamless transportation to a UPS truck. “It’s literally that easy,” he tells his viewers, before showing off the receipt for the cookie jars to prove he isn’t blowing smoke or “gatekeeping” information, seemingly encouraging folks to get into reselling on their own.

One viewer who saw @africandondadaa’s video said that it’s revelations from resellers like this that has made her hesitant of buying products through Amazon: “This is why I rarely shop Amazon!”

A woman in June shared how she buys $10 bags of Life Savers from Costco and resells them for $30 a piece on Amazon. She was heavily criticized for this practice.

But most viewers were impressed with @africandondadaa’s video. “Now THIS is a side hustle!” one lauded.

There was someone else, however, who couldn’t understand why there would be folks out there willing to pay so much more for an item when it was significantly cheaper: “The part I don’t get is, if you found them on sale, why would anyone pay quadruple value for the same item and not catch the sale themself?”

@africandondadaa said in response: “Supply & demand but most importantly convenience. everyone doesn’t have time to search for it especially if an item is seasonal. Such as this item”

As for how much his profit was per item after shipping, @africandondadaa broke that down for users as well. “I profited $25-$30 honestly after shipping,” @africandondadaa shared.

If you’re like @africandondadaa and enjoy scoping out deals at retailers and want to make some extra money, there are several online resources that delineate practices that’ll hopefully give you a better shot at turning it into a lucrative endeavor.

The Daily Dot has reached out to HomeGoods via email and @africandondadaa via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Sep 6, 2023, 11:34 am CDT