shoes at Ross checkout counter with caption 'buying 14 pairs of shoes because 2.7 million of you said you wanted them SOoo BaDLY ...but then no one bought them from my depop' (l) Ross sign on building with caption 'buying 14 pairs of shoes because 2.7 million of you said you wanted them SOoo BaDLY ...but then no one bought them from my depop' (c) Ross receipts fanned out with caption 'buying 14 pairs of shoes because 2.7 million of you said you wanted them SOoo BaDLY ...but then no one bought them from my depop' (r)

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‘And she will later say she is an entrepreneur’: Woman returns 14 pairs of shoes at Ross after she was unable to resell them on Depop, gets no sympathy

‘Imma buy them from Ross, not a rando on the internet.’


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A common internet business is flipping vintage or reduced-price goods. While some items may be ignored when they’re hanging at Goodwill, the keen eye of a fashion influencer may recontextualize the piece so they are able to sell it via Depop or another service—often at a significantly increased price.

However, it doesn’t always work out that way. In a video with over 1.8 million views as of Saturday, TikTok user Ivi (@ivi231_) says she bought 14 pairs of shoes from Ross Dress for Less to resell via Depop—but couldn’t sell a single pair.

“Buying 14 pairs of shoes because 2.7 million of you said you wanted them SoOo BaDLy…but then no one bought them from my depop,” she writes in the text overlaying the video.

“At least I got my money back,” she adds in the caption. “Lesson learned.”

@ivi231_ at least i got my money back 😗✌🏻lesson learned #depop #depopseller #depopgirls #depopdrama #thriftshop #resellercommunity #thriftshopping #shoes #2k #destinationdepop #springfinds #summeroutfits #depopexperience #thrift #sustainablefashion ♬ LMAO THE VIDS – ✨ ILikePotatosOnCheese ✨

In the comments, users criticized Ivi, with many offering possible reasons as to why she couldn’t sell the shoes.

“Maybe cuz u resold them at a way higher price,” one user wrote.

“Bc you bought them all,” another added. “Imma buy them from Ross not a rando on the internet but pay $15 MORE?!?”

“Why will no one pay double the price for shoes I didn’t need to buy,” joked a third.

“And she will later say she is an entrepreneur, with a self start business,” shared another TikToker.

While some were critical of the high prices charged for the shoes, others tried to offer an explanation.

“People who have never sold anything online will never understand,” detailed a commenter. “Shipping is 12$ atl, depop takes 10-15$. The tax on the shoes+the materials to ship.”

For her part, Ivi says the high prices are because “the FL taxes + depop fees are killer,” and claims that if she had sold all the shoes, “my commission would’ve been like $10 bucks.”

“The people complaining, are the same people who support big brands that sell their products for $100+ when it only cost them $0.10 to make,” noted an additional TikToker.

We’ve reached out to Ivi via email.

Update 11:57am CT May 23: In an email to the Daily Dot, Ivi shared the following:

“This whole thing started when I posted a TikTok on my personal finds at Ross. It went viral, and users were commenting how they never found good shoes at their Ross. Many people also reached out and asked if I could get the shoes for them, offering to pay reseller prices! So, me being a rookie, I downloaded Depop since I heard it was a safe way to resell. Out of the 14 shoes I purchased for individuals, only 4 got sold, and I returned the rest to Ross (PSA I got my money back!).”

“I posted a follow-up video mentioning my silly experience, and it went viral! It attracted controversy in the comments because sellers and anti-sellers began to share their opinions on the matter,” she continued. “Apparently, many people HATE resellers and think they’re the worst human beings to walk the face of the Earth (I wish I was exaggerating).”

Ivi said she’s received lots of hate for reselling and offered a response to those criticizing her.

“Since the video went viral, the amount of hate I have received is scary. I had people asking for me to end my life and chanting how horrible I am as a human…for reselling?” she said. “I wish people understood the amount of time, gasoline, taxes, fees, and out-of-pocket money I put down to get a return on investment of $20 per shoe haha… but I also understand that people just guide their opinions on the comments they see on screen without doing their own research.”

“At the end of the day, it was something new I wanted to try, and I am glad I did it!” she concluded. “Everything in life is a learning process, and I learned some lessons from this experience. Many lovely resellers gave me tips on how to minimize costs when it came to platforms, so I am moving on from Depop and trying out a more sustainable option for my future endeavors!”

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