HomeGoods customer tries to cut security tag off of item after worker forgot. It won’t stop beeping

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‘It’s still going’: HomeGoods customer tries to cut security tag off of item after worker forgot. It won’t stop beeping

'You can still hear it, bro! No way!'


Phil West


Posted on Aug 31, 2023

A HomeGoods shopper bought a pot that the store left a security tag on. So the shopper tried to take care of business at home, with surprising results.

The video telling the tale of the beeping security tag comes from the Gaston TV account (@nakomagastonn), getting more than 218,000 views since going up on the platform on Aug. 14.

In it, the creator shows off a pot that has a beeping black plastic security tag affixed to it.

“They did not cut our security tag off of our pot,” he begins; based on the hashtag included with the video, “they” would be HomeGoods.

@nakomagastonn Its still going by the way #homegoods #fyp ♬ original sound – GastonTV

Then, showing the security tag attached to the pot, he notes, “So I’m gonna cut this, and toss it in this water right here.”

He then reveals via caption, “Spent five min trynna cut it,” with an image of him grimacing and trying to get the tag off the pot.

He succeeds eventually and tosses the tag into a clear jar half-filled with water. The tag sinks but still emits a beep.

He exclaims, “You can still hear it, bro! No way!”

The caption accompanying the video, said, “Its still going by the way.”

Commenters came in with their reactions.

Someone cracked, “They only take those off when you pay for it.”

Others were quick to correct that commenter, though, with one saying, “nah some of them forget lol.”

Another commenter suggested, “Microwave for about 5 seconds lol.”

Gaston quipped, “Tried this now I have no house.”

A few suggested dropping it in salt water. A few others suggested freezing it.

Yet others thought a magnet might do the trick, including one who said, “What do you need is a piece of magnet,” adding, “I used to work at a HomeGoods and hold the magnet in the bottom till it unlocked.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to HomeGoods via email.

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*First Published: Aug 31, 2023, 4:13 pm CDT