Man films woman eating alone, buys her meal.

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‘I would dedicate the rest of my life to destroying that person’: Man films woman eating alone, buys her meal. It backfires

‘I’d think i had a stalker.’


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After a TikTok of a customer eating alone went viral, viewers were quick to point out that there’s nothing wrong with a table-for-one after a woman was unknowingly recorded looking ‘sad’ at a restaurant.

In the video, Kyle Rehl (@kylerehl) responds to a video posted by TikToker Neenib Youkana (@neeib) of a woman eating alone in what appears to be a restaurant inside a shopping mall. The woman, accompanied by her dog, sits with an empty plate at her table. The text layover on the original viral video reads,“I saw this girl who looked sad eating alone so I did this…”

Kyle stitched this video, saying, “If someone filmed me eating alone at a restaurant, having a sad little meal by myself and it went viral, I would dedicate the rest of my life to destroying that person.”

His video response has more than 4,300 comments and 1.3 million views as of Friday. Many viewers seem to agree with Kyle that having a meal by yourself is nothing to be sad about. In fact, many highlight that this is often a choice.

@kylerehl #stitch with @Neenib Youkana PSA #peoplewatching #inpublic #eatingalone #tableforone #reastaurant ♬ original sound – kyle rehl

“I have social anxiety. If someone filmed me at all & posted it? I would have my agoraphobia instantly validated & it would set me back years,” one comment reads.

“I love eating alone. Why do people think it’s so bad to do?” another user commented.

“That poor girl gotta be convinced she has a stalker now,” a viewer speculated.

In the full video posted by Neenib, we learn that he actually paid for the woman’s meal and bought her flowers as well.


Her reaction was THE BEST one 🥺❤️

♬ original sound – Neenib Youkana

After the waiter explains that her meal has been covered by a stranger, she insists on knowing who paid, but the waiter says he can’t disclose that information.

Neenib did not stop there. Next, the waiter brings over a bouquet of roses for the woman, also secretly from Neenib.

“Oh my god what is all of this,” says the woman in disbelief.

Eventually, the woman walks away with her dog and the flowers.

Neenib’s video has over 7,600 comments and more than 17,000,000 views.

The comments on Neenib’s video share similar sentiments to Kyle’s.

“The flowers are too much. I’ve had stalkers before and that would make me scared & be on high alert.”

“SO NICE OF YOU TO FILM THEM,” one comment sarcastically notes.

While the waiter told the woman it was a “random act of kindness,” it seems as if many viewers think recording the woman and not allowing the woman to know who is paying for her meal is going too far.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Kyle and Neenib for comment.

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