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‘This is how you do burgers at home’: Former In-N-Out Burger worker shares how to make burgers at home. There’s a secret to the meat

‘Adds extra flavor.’


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TikToker JexMoCooks (@JexMoCooks), who said she worked at In-N-Out Burger for 10 years, shared on TikTok how to make the fast-food chain’s infamous burgers at home. 

In the viral video, JexMoCooks places two flat patties in a sizzling plan, adding a hefty amount of salt and mustard to them. She then places a pink sauce—often referred to as the secret sauce—on two toasted buns, along with pickles, red onion, tomato, and lettuce. 

She flips the burgers in the pan, letting the mustard hit the hot surface, cooking and sizzling, before adding cheese and onions. Once the patties turn a golden brown, she places them on top of the pickles, red onion, tomato, and lettuce, to complete the burger. 

The text over the video reads, “When you worked at In-N-Out Burger for ten years, this is how you do burgers at home.” 

The former worker answers common questions

The video has 196,000 views and hundreds of comments. Many TikTokers were eager to know the secrets behind the highly acclaimed In-N-Out Burger burger, often referred to as the animal-style burger one of the chain’s most legendary secret menu items. 

“How do you get the patties so flat?” one viewer asked. To which JexMoCooks responded, “I rolled into meatballs and smashed with my palm in between two pieces of parchment paper then fixed the edges with my fingers.” 

Another TikToker asked about the secret sauce, “How do you do the spread?”

JexMoCooks shared, “Equal parts ketchup/mayo with a little spicy dijon.” 

While one viewer was curious about the mustard. “Does the mustard just go on one side? they asked. ”Yes ma’am! You cook the second side longer so the mustard gets a chance to get a nice crust on it,” JexMoCooks responded. 

“Are all patties at in n out cooked with the mustard,” another asked.

JexMoCooks responded, “Only if you order it animal style or ask for fried mustard. But if you ask for fried mustard, it comes with pickles so specify if you want them or not.”

The TikToker said the mustard “adds extra flavor” to the patty.

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The animal-style burger is part of the chain’s “not-so-secret” menu

What seems to set this menu item apart from the rest, according to its description, is the mustard on the patty, extra spread on the burger, and the addition of pickles as well as grilled onions.

The viral video sheds light on the infamous burger that has contributed to In-N-Out Burger’s hefty cult following. The California family-owned company has intentionally kept parts of its menu a “secret” by avoiding franchisement and keeping the company in the family and private, according to Restaurant News. 

San Diego Times named it the most popular fast-food Restaurant in California, and the late chef Anthony Bourdain called it “his favorite place in Los Angeles,” stating it’s the only fast-food he eats and citing its good-quality meat and consistency. 

1851 Franchise argues that the key ingredient to In-N-Out Burger’s iconography is ‘exclusivity,’ with the company only existing in certain parts of the country. Arguing the brand has “the time-honored art of leaving ‘em wanting more.” 

The Daily Dot reached out to JexMoCooks via TikTok comment and In-N-Out Burger via a contact form.

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