person speaking in car with caption 'ok I'm sitting and waiting sitting and waiting sitting and waiting' (l) Macy's building with sign (c) person speaking in car with caption 'just for this blank to come back and tell me that they accidentally hired me' (r)

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‘If I wanted to experience bad management id go to McDonald’s’: Macy’s worker says he was told first day on job that he was ‘accidentally hired’

‘You work there now. That’s their error.’


Braden Bjella


A worker on TikTok is calling out Macy’s after claiming he was told the company hired him “accidentally.”

In a video with over 18,000 views, TikTok user Prince (@theprincepeculiar) explains the situation, claiming that he was hired at the company a week prior to being told that his hiring was, in fact, accidental.

“@macys if i wanted to experience bad management id go to mcdonalds,” he wrote in the caption.

@theprincepeculiar @macys if i wanted to experience bad management id go to mcdonalds… #macys #job #rant ♬ original sound – Prince

According to Prince, he was hired for a job at the company and showed up for his first day a week later. At this point, he was told to wait for the receiving manager to figure out the specifics of his position.

After a considerable wait, Prince was told that he had accidentally been hired.

“Accidentally hired me? Girl, fuck you,” Prince says in the video.

While Prince is recording the video, he allegedly receives another phone call from Macy’s offering him a job; however, the position does not currently fit into Macy’s schedule. The meaning of this is unclear.

“Waiting is whatever, but falsely hiring me? … And then, on top of that, telling me that your schedule doesn’t work? Bro, that’s absolutely bonkers, Macy’s,” he concludes.

In the comments section, many users shared similar experiences.

“I’m sorry this happened,” wrote a commenter. “I’ve been with Macy’s for 17 + year’s. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this.”

“This happened to my sister. She worked for 3 weeks for a company before they told her they didn’t mean to hire her,” claimed a second.

“They did that to me! told me they don’t know why I got hired but never told me the hours of my position and fired me after 3 days because of that,” recalled a third.

“My brother got called in for a interview then told him there wasn’t any positions available when he got there,” a further TikToker alleged.

Some encouraged Prince to pursue legal action, though he claimed in comments that he does not currently have the funds to do so.

Still, many users joined together to call out Macy’s.

“@macys make it right!” exclaimed a commenter.

“@macys explain,” stated another.

The Daily Dot reached out to Macy’s via email and Prince via Instagram direct message.

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