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Life hacks that might sound too good to be true, but are worth your consideration

Some of these sound a little out there … but you might just be surprised.


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In today’s era of endless scrolling and information overload, it’s easy to encounter bizarre life hacks on every social platform you visit. Yet every now and then, there are those little pearls of wisdom that, against all odds, genuinely do the trick. These aren’t just myths but practical—and we don’t guarantee anything—but these effective solutions, that may sound too quirky to be real, could be lifesavers for many.

As a site that covers TikTok, we’ve also scoured that platform to life hacks, like one offering insight on how to get free air from an air pump or how to get free pizza. There’s even one popular TikToker, Jordan the Stallion, who has built a massive following on sharing hacks.

Though the Daily Dot has been sharing hacks for some time, here’s a list of life hacks we’ve run across that are too good (and maybe even too quirky) not to share. Special hat tip to a curious collection from Demilked we ran across.

Your mileage may vary on some of these, but consider testing at least some of these out.

Kitchen and household life hacks

To stop garlic fingers

Rub a metal spoon or any stainless steel object to remove the scent of garlic or onions from your fingers.

To cut onions without tears

Place a damp paper towel beneath as you cut onions to trap the tear-inducing acids. Alternatively, use a wet knife for the same effect.

For better laundry

Add a cup of plain white vinegar along with your detergent. Not only does it eliminate odors, but it also softens the fabric.

To erase a Sharpie (in some situations)

Used a Sharpie on a smooth surface or glass? Go over it with an Expo marker, and it’ll come right off.

To get rid of deodorant stains

A touch of makeup remover is all you need to eliminate those.

To look for shards of broken glass

To locate tiny fragments of broken glass, shine a flashlight over the suspected area; the shards will reflect the light differently.

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Health and wellbeing boosters

To get quick relief from a headache

A chilly surprise can counteract a headache. No aspirin around? Opt for some ice cream!

To fight congestion

Pressing firmly on the bridge of your nose for about 15 seconds can relieve sinus congestion. For added relief, simultaneously press between your eyebrows and touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue.

To decompress if you’re overwhelmed

If you’re in a situation where screaming or laughing is inappropriate, exhale deeply, emitting a silent “haaaa.” It’s a great way to regain composure.

If you need to get rid of anxiety quickly

If you’re having an anxious moment and need to center yourself, wiggle your toes. It can have a surprisingly calming effect. Follow me for more life hacks#smalltrick#life#hacks ♬ bunyi asal – Xiao xiao – Life hacks

Tech and work hacks

To extend the life of an e-book on Kindle

If you’re renting an e-book and are about to run out of time, switch your device to airplane mode. The book returns but remains accessible until you reconnect.

How to unlock your inner writer

Draft essays or assignments in the Comic Sans font. It’s less intimidating, allowing ideas to flow. Switch to the required font before submission.

Negotiate like a pro

Want to work out a deal on your cable or internet bill? Call your provider’s retention department, not billing.

A grab-bag of must-include life hacks

To ward off potential danger in public

Shouting “My baby!” can attract immediate attention, potentially deterring assailants.

When you’ve got a screw loose

For screws that won’t hold in wooden holes, hammer in a golf tee instead. Snip off the excess, and you’re good to go.

For opening a stubborn jar

Invert the jar and give the base a solid smack with your palm to break the vacuum seal, making it easier to open.

Burnt tongue?

Gently rub some sugar on it using the roof of your mouth.

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Mind-over-matter life hacks

For more mindful dining

If you want to eat smaller portions, serving food on smaller plates tricks your mind into believing it’s a larger portion.

For decision making

This one is pretty simple. Always sleep on significant decisions. Clarity often comes with the dawn.

The curiosity cure

When you’re going through challenging times and feeling overwhelmed, instead of seeking hope, focus on staying curious. This shift in mindset can be surprisingly powerful. The idea is that being curiosity – wanting to know more about something or wanting to know what will happen next – can be more tangible than hope.

Going to sleep when you can’t

Having trouble drifting off to sleep, and you don’t have one of those nifty sleep apps on your phone? Go old school. Try counting slowly and pick a number that will take you a while … maybe 200? If you get distracted or forget your count, pick up from the last number you remember. This exercise helps your brain to slow down, minimizing sudden thoughts or jerks that can keep you awake. With a calm mind and steady counting, you might find yourself asleep well before getting to your “goal.”

The next time you come across an unusual life hack, don’t immediately dismiss it. The oddest-sounding ones are the most effective. Dive into the world of life hacks, experiment, and make everyday life a tad bit simpler. Remember, diamonds are often found in the rough!

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