woman tries waiting until the last minute to buy concert ticket for Lil Baby

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Woman tries waiting until the last minute to buy cheaper concert tickets. It backfires

‘I was not paying $200 for nosebleeds.’


Allyson Waller


Posted on Sep 29, 2023

A woman received a difficult wake-up call when she attempted a TikTok hack to buy tickets last minute to take advantage of low prices.

In a recent video, viewed more than 400,000 times as of Friday, TikTok creator @kaylaobvi released her frustration over traveling and booking a hotel room, without having the opportunity to see the rappers Lil Baby and Rylo Rodriguez perform in Tampa earlier this month.

“When you listened to everyone on TikTok who said to wait till last minute to buy cheaper concert tickets and now you’re in a non-refundable hotel room in a different city with no concert tickets,” @kaylaobvi wrote for her video, where she can be seen pacing around a hotel room in frustration.

@kaylaobvi i just wanted to see rylo and baby man 😩 #fyp #crying #foryou #traveltiktok #tampa #lilbaby #concert ♬ original sound – Jiro Dono

“I just wanted to see rylo and baby man,” @kaylaobvi bemoaned in the caption.

With stars like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift on tour, a trend emerged this summer on TikTok of creators getting ready to go to a show, but without concert tickets. Instead, they wait until the very last minute in hopes they will obtain tickets for an affordable price. One user recounted their experience getting floor seats for under $300 to see Beyoncé in New Jersey. Other people have tried a similar hack when it comes to air travel.

In terms of concerts, the hack has gained popularity as criticism has mounted against Ticketmaster, with many accusing it of unfair business practices for its “dynamic pricing” and pre-sale snafus.

In a follow-up to her original video @kaylaobvi clarified that the hotel she booked was offered at a discounted rate because she worked for the company. Therefore, she wasn’t really pressed about booking a hotel room.

“If I didn’t get the concert tickets, I was like, ‘Oh, I could just go to the beach in the morning or something and make a trip out of it,’” she said.

@kaylaobvi continued that she usually buys concerts during pre-sales but changed her mind when she saw people getting cheaper tickets when they purchased the day of the show. She shared that she got a flat tire during her trip, which delayed her quest.

“By the time I got to Tampa, it was already 8:30 and the box office was closed,” @kaylaobvi said. “The tickets on Ticketmaster were wildin’. I was not paying $200 for nosebleeds, give me a break.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via Instagram direct message for comment.

Viewers’ reactions to @kaylaobvi’s original video were mixed, with some stating they’d be too anxious to get tickets so last minute.

“I can’t do it, the best thing to do is get your ticket as early as possible,” user Emani (@miss.maniiii) said.

On the other hand, some people proudly reported that the hack worked for them.

“My daughter waited outside of beyonces concert in LA and at 7:58 p.m. she got tickets for $69.00. Mind you, she went to the one in Chicago too,” user @jus_chillin1 said.


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*First Published: Sep 29, 2023, 5:03 pm CDT