security camera in apartment with caption 'Our land lord just installed these. She is out of her blank mind' (l) security camera in apartment with caption 'Our land lord just installed these. She is out of her blank mind' (c) security camera in apartment with caption 'Our land lord just installed these. She is out of her blank mind' (r)

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‘Um. I’m sorry. IN YOUR apartment?!’: Landlord installs cameras that lets tenants know they’re being recorded every time they walk by

‘Time to move, it seems.’


Jack Alban


Imagine you walk into your home and, after a few steps, hear a robotic voice saying, “You are now being recorded.”

That’s what a TikToker named Sky (@skyrobotica) said happened to her after entering her apartment one day. In a viral clip that’s accrued nearly 62,000 likes on the popular social media platform, Sky said her landlord installed the talking surveillance devices in her apartment.

@skyrobotica Yes they go off every time you pass them. #landlordfromhell #wtf #paranoid #jail #hell #spy ♬ nintendo wii (mii channel) song – julie on the internet

Sky begins her video by panning her camera around her living space while Wii Shop theme music plays. She writes in a text overlay of the clip: “Our land lord just installed these. She is out of her f*cking mind.”

The TikToker then steps in front of a black and white camera located high on a wall. After stepping in front of the camera, a light on the device changes color, and a robotic voice says, “Hi, you are currently being recorded.”

“Yes they go off every time you pass them,” Sky added in the video’s caption, confirming that the cameras are motion sensitive.

After showing off the first camera, Sky pans over to what looks like a living room area, where the same type of camera can be seen monitoring that portion of the home.

Commenters who saw the video appeared outraged, with one person writing, “Unplug and call a lawyer.”

“Um. I’m sorry. IN YOUR apartment?!” another asked.

Someone else said Sky’s landlord just happened to install a “convenient hat hook” for her, suggesting that the TikToker simply blocks the camera’s view to prevent her landlord from snooping.

Another commenter urged Sky to check her lease agreement to ensure her landlord wasn’t violating their original contract.

“What does the lease agreement say?” the commenter asked. “If it says nothing about the landlord/roommate being allowed to do that you have every right to take her to court.”

Sky, however, revealed a bit of information that might make litigation a little tricky: as it turns out, her landlord is also her roommate. In response to one viewer, the TikToker commented that she didn’t think she could do much about the situation. writes that it’s only illegal for roommates to install security cameras where there is an expectation of privacy, like bathrooms, changing rooms, and bedrooms. Based on the video of Sky’s apartment, it would appear that the cameras have only been put up in “common” areas.

This kind of dispute between housemates has been discussed on social media before. Redditor @SmartFireFighter uploaded a post to the r/legaladvice sub delineating a similar situation with their roommate.

Numerous responses to the Redditor’s post appear to agree with the statements made by, like one that reads, “She can legally record common areas in her home, and you can legally remove cameras from common areas in your home in a non-destructive manner. I suggest you complain to your landlord about her behavior.”

The Daily Dot contacted Sky via TikTok comment for further information.

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