This is a tale of a school trying to shut down boobs on Twitter—and boobs, as usual, prevailing.

This is a tale of a school trying to shut down boobs—and boobs, as usual, prevailing.

The popular University of Kansas tit Twitter, KUBoobs, where young ladies can submit photos of their cleavage and nips decked out in KU gear, tweeted that it had been sent a cease-and-desist letter from the school yesterday. 

Though the Twitter bio now says that the year-old account has no official affiliation with the University of Kansas, @KUBoobs posted this tweet: 

Since then, the story’s been picked up by Rock Chalk blogs and a local Fox News affiliate. It started a #saveKUboobs hashtag, with more women than ever sending in their support and supported breasts for the “boobment.” 

And KU’s administration is shaking in its boots. The school’s associate athletic director, Jim Marchiony, tweeted that “KU is not trying to shut down the @KUboobs Twitter account. A Twitter account is one thing. But they’re selling merchandise with KU on it. That violates KU’s Federal trademark, which the University must protect. We’ve asked them to stop selling that merchandise, not to shut down the Twitter account. Rock Chalk!”

The school may be backtracking because of student outcry against shutting down the site, which does sell merchandise with KU’s name on it (one example: bracelets that read “I Love KU Boobs”). According to Rock Chalk Blog, which obtained a copy of the cease-and-desist, the university did ask KUBoobs to stop using “KU” in its name. The Twitter and its sister Facebook page could continue if they rebrand themselves as unaffiliated with the University of Kansas. (Bummer, dudes.)

But the school changed its tune and clarified only after the #saveKUboobs submissions began flooding in. As of five hours ago, KUBoobs tweeted that it will live to boob another day.

As long as KU’s administration is cool with student nudity, look out for my new site, KUBalls.com, coming soon. 

H/T Larry Brown Sports | Photo via Facebook

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