Kroger customer finds olive oil hairspray in the grocery aisle

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‘Y’all putting it in the wrong section’: Kroger customer finds olive oil hairsprays in the cooking aisle

'The fact that it’s PACKED out on the shelf too!'


Jack Alban


Posted on Oct 8, 2023

A TikToker blasted staff members at a Kroger location after finding an assortment of olive oil hair spray cans placed in a section dedicated to various cooking oils.

Big T (@xoticlush) says in the clip that it’s because of oversights like this that may cause some customers to mistakenly try and cook with the hairspray, resulting in personal injury and bodily harm. She uploaded footage of the odd placement of the beauty product in a viral TikTok that’s accrued over 291,000 views as of Sunday.


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Big T begins her video recording a collection of Olive Oil hair spray cans placed in the cooking oil section of a Kroger grocery store location. While there are canned olive oil sprays that can be used for cooking, the hairspray cans in the aisle clearly indicate that they are created by the popular beauty brand, Ors, and distinctly say that they are meant for hair, not for pre-greasing a pan.

“Whoever working at Kroger I’m gonna need them to learn how to do they job,” the creator says. “This is hairspray, y’all gonna kill somebody, see this how that girl got stuck with that Gorilla Glue cause y’all put it in the wrong section. Y’all don’t be doing y’all job.”

The “Gorilla Glue” incident Big T referenced occurred in 2021 when a woman went viral after showing the aftermath of what happened when she placed the superglue on her hair. She did so presumably because the adhesive was confused as a product that was similar to Moco de Gorilla, which was actually meant to be used in people’s hair.

Marketing analysts largely believe that imagery and coloring factor more into a customer’s decision to purchase a product and associate them with certain emotions more so than wording. Sage Journals delineated how specific image types with specific color patterns tend to receive more engagement than others on social media, and Forbes also has written about the importance of “brand image” and its resonance with customers.

On Ors’ website, which shows detailed pictures of its Olive Oil hair spray product, a warning on the back of a canister of the item indicates that inhaling its contents could be potentially fatal.

Numerous commenters who responded to Big T’s post also shared their shock that a store associate would place a beauty product among food items.

“No this is actually crazy,” one person said, while another joked that they would’ve intentionally purchased all of the cans on the shelf in order to have enough ammunition for a potential lawsuit/settlement.

“I would’ve brought the whole shelf and called my lawyer to start the plan in motion,” they wrote.

Someone else suggested that the collection of cans on the shelf means there is no way a customer simply left the can there while shopping. “The fact that it’s PACKED out on the shelf too! Lmao,” they said.

According to other viewers, however, they’ve come across this same phenomenon while shopping as well. One user shared, “I once saw some Camille Honey Leave in, in the actual honey section.”

Another person joked, “This why I can’t be finding it cuz hole time it’s in the grocery section and not the hair aisle.”

One person believed that even though it was a grave oversight for store employees to place the Olive Oil hair spray next to cooking oil, customers should be able to clearly read that.

“I agree but reading is fundamental,” they penned.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Kroger via email and Big T via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Oct 8, 2023, 8:46 am CDT