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‘There’s nothing they can do about it’: Kroger customer says she was charged 3 times for her groceries, is now out $500

'The manager could have voided it immediately!'


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Posted on Dec 5, 2023   Updated on Dec 5, 2023, 11:05 am CST

Everybody’s had an awkward grocery shopping experience at least once, whether it be a declined card or your shopping being quite literally more than you bargained for. But one TikToker’s trip to Kroger ended up costing her an eye-watering $500.

Influencer Cocoa (@positivelycocoa) told viewers that she only went into Kroger for a “quick purchase”—but her $35 shopping trip ended up costing a lot more.

“I put in my debit card. I typed in my PIN number, and the cashier accidentally debited my card for $175,” she explained. “So at the end, he says he doesn’t understand what’s going on, the register’s acting up, and he says, ‘Put your card back in.'”

“So I put my card back in again. I type in my PIN number again … and he accidentally debits my card again for $175.” At this point, both Cocoa and the cashier were left baffled. “He’s still trying to figure out what the problem is; he’s trying to figure out what could be wrong,” she recounted. “He said he’s never had this problem before.”

He then asked Cocoa to put her debit card into the machine for a third time—and you can guess what happened next.

@positivelycocoa If you take the money you should be able to immediately return the money. @Kroger #influencer #Life ♬ original sound – Cocoa | Influencer | Good Vibe

By this point, the creator had spent over $500 on a $35 transaction, so she tried to ask the store manager for help. Despite showing the manager proof on her online banking, the retail worker said that they couldn’t reverse the transaction.

“Since it’s showing the transaction is pending, there’s nothing they can do about it,” Cocoa was told. At this point, the TikToker says she was told to call an 800 number and take it up with a customer service representative “because, at the local store, they have no way of fixing transactions when transactions enter improperly, and people’s cards are taken for too much money,” she added.

For Cocoa, it was a relief that she wasn’t in “dire straits” financially—but Cocoa’s daughters and TikTok commenters both suggested that the Kroger manager wasn’t entirely honest. “I worked at Kroger and retired from a grocery store. It most definitely can be put back on your card at store level. I’ve done it many times,” one former employee wrote.

“The manager could have voided it immediately!” another commenter insisted. Either way, Cocoa shared that she ended up getting the money refunded 48 hours later, adding that she was left “feeling blessed” after the situation was resolved.

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*First Published: Dec 5, 2023, 7:30 pm CST