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‘No one on my shift would touch it’: Worker says co-worker brought ‘kitty litter’ cake to office potluck

‘Using a real scooper is WILD.’


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If you were a ’90s kid who had access to Nickelodeon, you may remember this twisted scene from Ren & Stimpy which features the show’s angry Chihuahua happily chowing down on kitty litter…until he realizes what he’s just consumed.

The thought of eating what is essentially an animal’s toilet is enough to make anyone gag, but some folks out there enjoy making foods look like vomit-inducing bathroom scenes.

Just don’t count TikToker Madison Burgess (@madibyeet) among these people. She called out a co-worker for bringing a “kitty litter” cake to a company potluck in a viral TikTok that’s garnered over 750,000 views as of Saturday.

@madibyeet Theyre not invited to the potluck anymore #potluck #work #litterbox #cake #fyp #4U #wtf ♬ The Home Depot Beat – The Home Depot

“Someone at my work brought this in for a potluck,” Burgess writes in a text overlay of the video while staring into the camera.

She then flips the camera to show a rectangular-shaped sheet cake that was baked and decorated and then placed inside a plastic tray to look like it was a cat’s “litter box.”

Diners can “serve” themselves a piece of the litterbox cake with a scooper that looks similar to the ones cat owners use on their own cats’ litterboxes—only in this instance, it’s used for people to serve themselves a slice of dessert.

“This is some white people sh*t,” Burgess writes in the overlay text. The video shows that it “literally has fake poop,” showing slivers of chocolate or fudge lining the inside of the plastic tub to give the full litter box experience.

One commenter was stunned that the dish appeared to be a hit at the potluck, writing, “The fact that it’s almost gone too.”

However, Burgess said that she and her co-workers were wary of even going near the offering, saying, “No one on my shift would touch it.”

Someone else couldn’t seem to wrap their heads around why anyone would think that making this was a good idea. “I don’t care how good it tastes… my brain wouldn’t allow me to enjoy that,” they wrote.

The trend of baking a “kitty litter cake,” seems to be something that others have done before, as one commenter penned, “My old job has a bake competition for Halloween and they said make spooky cakes. My cousin made the cat litter cake.”

All Recipes even features a slew of different variants folks can try whenever they want to eat something that looks like a litterbox.

One person wrote that they swore the flavor of the cake was amazing, sharing, “OMG kitty litter cake! in the 3rd grade my class made one together it was soo good lol but using a real scooper is WILD.”

TikToker Amanda Schmitt also went viral after uploading her “ultra-realistic” kitty litter cake where she posted a breakdown of how she made it. It seems that the base cake of the sweet creation is vanilla flavored, and it’s topped with finely ground-up golden Oreos, with a few chocolate strands thrown in there for good measure, along with a little dab of what looks like food coloring.

And while Schmitt and other viewers seemed to happily enjoy the cake, most just couldn’t bring themselves to take a bite.

“I did that as a joke for friends and it was so realistic that we couldn’t eat it,” one user wrote. “We tried and it made us gag. Presentation really does matter.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Burgess via TikTok comment.

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