Stove baking broccoli and shattered glass everywhere due to explosion


‘The repair guy said he has seen this quite a few times’: Customer says glass in brand new KitchenAid oven exploded, injuring her

‘Known defect? sounds like an awesome lawsuit.’


Jack Alban


When you think of something going wrong with your oven, there are a few potential problems that probably float around in your head—a gas line coming loose, a turkey catching on fire, or the pilot light not coming on. You probably don’t think about glass shattering all over the place in your oven, but that’s exactly what happened to TikTok user @laughingwith after using their new KitchenAid appliance for the first time.

In a trending TikTok the user posted that’s accrued over 348,000 views, a repair technician vacuums several shards of glass from the interior of the oven. The TikToker also says that they cut their feet on the glass following an explosion that occurred during their initial use of the appliance.

@laughingwith They also told me that this is a known defect. Then why the heck do you sell it? Help!!! #kitchenaid #kitchenaidoven #kitchenaidovendefect ♬ original sound – 😹 LaughingWith 😹

The TikToker writes in a text overlay of the video, which shows the open oven, “When you use your brand new KitchenAid over for the first time and you hear an explosion & the glass shatters & you cut your feet and call customer service and they tell you if you didn’t go to the doctor too bad so sad.”

The social media user says in the video’s caption that they were told by the manufacturer that this glass exploding phenomenon is “a known defect,” which seems like something that @laughingwith couldn’t appear to understand. “Then why the heck do you sell it?” they user added in the caption.

One commenter remarked, “Known defect? sounds like an awesome lawsuit.”

Another person tagged KitchenAid online urging the manufacturer to get the TikToker a new oven, to which @laughingwith said that they were already taking care of it as they were getting it replaced through Best Buy.

It seems other folks had issues with KitchenAid ovens as well. Another viewer commented that the glass on their own oven shattered too.

“My down draft oven made by KitchenAid also did this type us my husband was cooking and I was talking to him the inside glass just completely exploded,” they said.

Someone else shared, “This happened to me too, different brand of oven and not new. But seriously the explosion sounds so crazy!”

According to Prestige BBQ and Oven Cleaning, while compared to the millions of ovens that are sold and operated by consumers in the United States the number of exploding glass doors on them is fairly low, it’s still a common enough of an occurrence to find multiple cases of this phenomena online.

The outlet states that as a safety precaution, many ovens are made with tempered glass, which is used to sustain high temperatures up to 720° F. After being heated to this temperature the glass is then rapidly cooled down with cold air. While this usually results in heat-resistant glass, sometimes, barely perceptible stress fractures can form in the tempered glass. These small fractures may never cause a problem for consumers when using ovens, but they may result in the types of breaks the TikToker experienced.

The Daily Dot has reached out to KitchenAid via Instagram direct message and @laughingwith via TikTok comment.

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