customer recommends $20 KFC fill up box

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‘KFC is better than popeyes…. no questions asked’: Customer buys $20 KFC Fill Up Box

‘This is gonna last me 5,000 years’


Melody Heald


Earlier this summer, fried chicken chain KFC launched the $20 Fill Up Box. The box, which is designed for sharing with family, includes a 12-piece order of fried chicken nuggets, four pieces of bone-in chicken, secret recipe fries, four biscuits, and your choice of dipping sauce.

One TikTok user inspired users by posting a video in which she reviews the $20 Fill Up and its contents. Laney, who is known by username laneygrn, explains, “I decided to treat myself to some KFC ’cause everyone’s been getting it.” When she opens the box, she exclaims, “This is gonna last me 5,000 years.”

But results are mixed.

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Laney gushes over the biscuits with honey mustard sauce, calling them “phenomenal.” Next, she tried one of the french fries with buffalo ranch. “Fries are kinda soggy though cause it took 40 minutes for my order to get here.”

The chicken nuggets also disappoint. Laney dips the chicken nugget into honey mustard and makes a sour face. “Oh, I gotta put this in the air fryer, bro,” she states. “It’s cold and soggy.”

But an extra crispy “humongous piece” of bone-in chicken is the game-changer that wins Laney over. After taking a bite, she decides to make her judgment. “KFC is better than popeyes…. no questions asked.”

The video has amassed more than 298,000 views since it was posted on July 28. Many commenters praised the Fill Up Box.

“why is nobody talking about how good of a deal the $20 fill up is?????” one viewer asked.

“Got any leftovers to share,” a second quipped.

In addition, others joked how long it would take them to finish the box.

“Last me bout 5 minutes,” one person commented.

“not me saying id inhale that in 5 seconds right before u said its gonna last u 5000 years,” a second wrote.

Reached by the Daily Dot for comment, Laney shared what inspired her to try the KFC Fill-Up Box.

“I was hearing so much about it on TikTok so I thought I’d give it a try,” she stated via Instagram direct message. “I’m a full-time creator and that day, I was extremely busy with filming so I decided to give it a try.”

Moreover, she would buy it again and it “hit the spot.” However, she wished it came with a drink. She placed 70% of the items in containers where it lasted three days.

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