boss speaking with caption 'and in the skills section of your resume you list balloon animals' (l) woman making balloon animal (c) boss speaking with caption 'and then I bring balloons to the interview' (r)

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‘You’re lying the whole time about that?’: Job applicant lists ‘balloon animals’ on his resume. So boss brings balloons to the job interview 

'I can make a snake and a worm, so can I get the job?'


Grace Fowler


Posted on Aug 2, 2023

Many people lie on their resume but a dentist on TikTok says a job applicant listed “balloon animals” in the skills section of their resume—then was shocked when he wanted to see the balloon animals firsthand during their interview.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Dr. Brady (@drbradysmith), a dentist with over 263,000 TikTok followers has garnered more than 412,000 views with his video about the lying balloon animal maker.


Its cool…i used to lie to make friends too.

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Dr. Brady lays out a scenario in which he says an applicant for the dental assistant position at his office listed balloon animals in the special skills section of their resume, before adding a twist: “Then I bring balloons to the interview and you can’t make balloon animals.”

“Not only are you not getting the job, but I’m pressing charges,” he jokes. 

“To learn you’re lying the whole time about that? Like you belong in jail, you savage animal” he adds.

Viewers found the video humorous and left comments joking about the situation.

“I can make a snake and a worm, so can I get the job?” asked one.

Another commenter added, “I can’t make balloon animals but you should taste my cherry cheesecake brownies.” Dr. Brady responded, “If you include it on a resume… I’m gonna have to.” 

Many viewers also compared Dr. Brady to the comedic actor John Krasinski, who is best known for his role as Jim Halpert in The Office

“Why are you actually red-headed Jim Halpert though?” one viewer asked. “Reported for abuse calling me a redhead,” Dr. Brady replied.

“I want to come work for the John Kransinski look alike, and I’d even be willing to learn how to make balloon animals,” added someone else.

Dr. Brady has posted other funny office-related videos on his TikTok account. He has a storytime video on how he deals with seeing patients in public, and another breaking down the meaning of “dry socket” for confused viewers. 

Fans love Dr. Brady’s videos so much that one person told him to “please look into stand-up comedy” if “this dentist stuff doesn’t work out.”

Despite the light-hearted feel to his videos, viewers appreciate Dr. Brady for using his account to teach others. “I wish all my lessons were taught this way,” one says. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Brady via direct message. 

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*First Published: Aug 2, 2023, 1:35 am CDT