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‘It’s all about the confidence’: Worker says she was hired as a pharmacist after lying on her resume

‘Girl, get out them people company.’


Tiffanie Drayton


Most people have experienced impostor syndrome or felt like they weren’t quite qualified enough for a job. However, for one TikToker, the feeling is quite valid.

In a viral video that has been viewed over 20,000 times, TikTok user @harrietpotter_ explained that she got a job as a pharmacist despite being entirely unqualified. She trumps it up to America being a land for dreamers and, well, liars.


I dont even know what my job is cause i slept the first two weeks

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“One thing about America, this truly is the country of dreams and opportunities because all you have to do is lie on your resume,” she said in the two-minute clip.

The TikToker then explained how she tricked her employer into believing she could consult customers about their medications, despite having no certifications or education.

“They just call and asking me questions about the medicine,” she admitted. “If I can’t find it in Google, I just be unplugging the internet.”

Though the TikToker confessed she feels “kind of bad” for misleading her employer, she ultimately believes the fault is all their own because they hired her without doing their due diligence.

In the comments section, many viewers expressed shock over @harrietpotter__’s revelations.

“My jaw dropped when you said unplug the internet,” one user commented.

“Girl, get out them people company,” another advised.

Apparently, the content creator has every intention of doing just that. The video concludes with her mulling over what job she plans to acquire with a fake resume next.

“I think next I’m really gonna make a resume and say … I got experience working as a scuba diver,” she said. “And I’m gonna become a scuba diver instructor.”

The Daily Dot contacted @harrietpotter_ for further information via TikTok comment. We did not receive a response by the time of publication.

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