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After a horrifying Craigslist murder, the Internet rallies to support a family

Jim Vester thought he was buying an iPad. His assailants shot him, robbed him, and fled.


Aja Romano


Jim Vester, a 32-year-old former National Guard Sergeant at Arms, thought he was meeting up with his Craigslist correspondent to buy an iPad as a Christmas gift on Wednesday.

Instead, in a parking lot near an Indianapolis high school, two assailants shot him, robbed him, and fled.

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In the wake of the murder, nearly 1,500 people have rallied around an Indiana widow and her son, raising nearly $60,000 in three days to help the family through the holidays.

Now, two brothers, 19-year-old Tryon Kincade and 18-year-old Tyshaune Kincade, have been charged with Vester’s murder. And a fundraiser to support Vester’s wife, Jamie, and their son, 1-year-old Gavin, has gone viral, with more than 6,000 shares on Facebook and more than $58,000 raised since Thursday night.

Jamie Vester is an Indianapolis-area photographer who recently posed for photos together with her husband and son.

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Their photographer, Sarah Hill, told Indianapolis news station WTHR that the incident had scared her away from using Craigslist permanently:

“I would recommend no one using Craigslist anymore, honestly. You just never know. Jim’s not a dumb man. He didn’t make a stupid choice,” Hill said. “There’s no protection, they can say to meet in a public place or during the day. This happened during the day, in broad daylight.”

“Pay full price. A Craigslist deal is not worth a life. Just pay full price,” echoed family friend Sarah Benson.

WTHR reported rumors that no money was taken from Vester in the robbery, and that he was armed with a handgun at the time of the shooting. The suspects are currently being held without bail.

The fundraiser for Vester’s family will run through Dec. 31.

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