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Righteous Jesus memes to save your soul

Let us pray ... and dive into some of the most notable Jesus memes that have captivated the internet.


Kahron Spearman


Posted on Dec 19, 2023   Updated on Feb 22, 2024, 10:39 pm CST

Memes have become ubiquitous in today’s digital culture, and virtually no subject is off-limits when it comes to having a laugh. At first glance, memes about our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, don’t seem like they could be funny but a closer look reveals that they offer a light-hearted approach to religious themes and figures.

So, let us pray … and dive into some of the most notable Jesus memes that have captivated the internet.

LOL Jesus

LOL Jesus memes are a subgenre of image macros based on painted images of Jesus Christ that portray the redeemer in various irreverent and humorous scenarios. These memes often use iconic paintings of Jesus and add captions that give him a cheeky, sometimes obnoxious personality.

Notable examples include “Raptor Jesus,” “Jesus is a Jerk,” and “Story Time Jesus.” These memes playfully humanize the religious figure, injecting modern humor into traditional imagery.

Buddy Christ

Buddy Christ originates from the Kevin Smith film “Dogma,” in which a rebranded version of Christ was meant to attract new converts to the Catholic Church. The meme born from this movie depicts a cartoon-like Jesus giving a thumbs-up and winking. Since its introduction in 1999, Buddy Christ has become an enduring meme, symbolizing a more approachable, less austere version of the religious icon.

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‘Jesus, Man’

The phrase “Jesus, man,” comes from the Christian drama film, “Second Glance.” It became a meme after it was uploaded to YouTube in 2008 and users on Reddit and other social platforms picked it up. The scene, originally intended to be a serious reflection on faith, became a humorous catchphrase online and was often used as a reaction in surprising or absurd situations.

@nosleepideas #jesusman #bibleman #comedy #tagsomeone #occult #salemwitchtrials ♬ original sound – NO SLEEP IDEAS

Jesus is a jerk

“Jesus is a Jerk” memes derive from a series of illustrations titled “Jesus: With You Always,” created by Christian artist Larry Van Pelt. These drawings depict Jesus in everyday situations with ordinary people. However, internet users added humorous and sometimes vulgar text to the images, creating a meme that juxtaposes the sacred with the profane.

Rappin’ for Jesus

Rappin’ for Jesus” is a hip-hop song and music video that was uploaded to YouTube in 2013. It features a pastor and his wife rapping about Christianity. Despite skepticism about its authenticity, the video went viral, with over 10 million views, and became a favorite as a reaction videos and remixes.

@_ba4kisaqt 💀#jesus #rappingforjesus #ngg #fyp #meme ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

‘Jesus Take the Wheel’

This meme plays on Carrie Underwood’s 2005 single of the same name. It’s often used in rage comics where characters summon Jesus to take control of a car. The meme humorously illustrates moments of desperation or relinquishing control, using the metaphor of Jesus taking control and steering a vehicle.

‘Stop Giving Me Your Toughest Battles’

Originating from a Spanish Facebook meme page, this series of exploitable image macros features a beleaguered character pleading with Jesus to stop giving them tough challenges, and Jesus responding that the character is his “best soldier.” The meme reflects the sentiment of being overwhelmed with life’s challenges, with a humorous twist.

‘Start The Rapture’

One of the top Jesus memes is of a person who isn’t Jesus at all, but a Japanese man with a severe savior complex. This meme features an animated character, who resembles Jesus, speaking on the phone. A screen grab and image macro of the character with a caption that reads, “Start the Rapture,” began to gain traction as a reaction image on Twitter in 2021 and has since been used to humorously signal the start of significant catastrophic events.


Jesus memes stand out for their ability to blend humor with religious imagery. While some may consider them irreverent, these memes highlight the flexibility of meme culture in reinterpreting and reshaping traditional narratives and figures.

Whether used for a quick laugh or as a commentary on modern life, Jesus memes demonstrate the enduring influence of religious iconography in our digital age.

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*First Published: Dec 19, 2023, 6:00 am CST