These dank Christian memes are lit with holy fire

Pepe Christ gives his followers a Dat Boi eucharist

Photo via Zvonimir Atletic / Remix by Jason Reed

Praise be.

It’s funny that bad, out-of-touch meme culture has become a meme itself. For some reason, the idea of intentionally getting internet humor fundamentally wrong is hilarious and poignant. 

Maybe we’ve become callous after all the meme-based pandering from corporations like Denny’s and Jimmy John’s, or maybe we’re just discovering new levels of irony. Either way, it’s kind of enthralling.

Here, I’ll show you what I mean. These all come from the r/dankchristianmemes subreddit. Hold on tight.


See? Pretty good, right? An excellent combination of Call of Duty patois and Christian fundamentalism. Some actually seem real, and earnest, and maybe authentically plucked from some sort of troubling young Jesus memer. But for the most part, they’re about as absurd as possible.


I love these so much. We’re all going to hell. There are many great ways to disrespect god, but making insincere memes about faith, grace, and shame is  probably the funniest. I hope this trend continues apace, and soon we’ll see dank Christian montage parodies

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Let me dream.

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