Instacart shopper says customer asked her to deliver flowers

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‘It’s from your baby daddy…he says sorry’: Instacart shopper says customer asked her to deliver flowers to his child’s mother

'I wanna know what he did!'


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Posted on Aug 6, 2023

A TikTok user and Instacart shopper named Star (@therealstardiorr) has charmed users in a viral clip she posted where she enthusiastically delivers an apology message to a woman from her baby daddy.

The clip, which has accrued over 253,000 views as of Sunday, shows a screenshot of the customer’s request in the Instacart app, which reads, “Say from baby daddy and that I’m sorry.”

@therealstardiorr Philly niggas up 1😂 Nah but fr this was thurl and cute ashit #phillytok #fyp #instacartshopper ♬ original sound – ✨Star Dior✨

“So I’m doing an Instacart delivery and somebody baby dad ordered flowers and they want me to say I’m sorry,” the TikToker says as she walks in the rain holding a bouquet in her hands. She approaches a front door, which is presumably the baby mama in question’s house.

The shopper knocks on the door, flowers in hand, recording themselves delivering the apology. Someone answers the door, and Star, smiling says, “It’s from your baby dad. He says sorry though,” before uttering a short laugh.

“For real?” the recipient says off-camera.

“No, I swear he said that,” the Instacart shopper tells the woman. “He put it in the note and everything,” Star says again, laughing.

“Thank you,” the woman tells her and Star begins to walk away, replying, “You’re welcome.”

Star writes in a caption that she thought the gesture from the woman’s baby daddy was “cute” but there were some TikTokers who thought that Star’s reaction to completing the delivery was equally adorable.

“Not her giggling this was cute,” one shared.

Others expressed their appreciation that she would take on an order with such enthusiasm, and they appeared to think it was as heartwarming as Star did.

“Thank you for being a good human & accepting that trip, in the RAIN,” a user said. “Hope you get some beauty delivered to your doorstep sis!”

Some users wanted to know more about the situation, namely, what did the man do that made him want to apologize to his baby mama with flowers?

“I wanna know what he did, before I think it’s a cute gesture lol,” someone wrote.

Others said they too were on the receiving end of these types of gestures, with a user sharing, “Had a similar thing happen to me a couple weeks ago.”

Another user remarked that they made a customer pay them cash to issue said apology to the recipient, saying, “This happened to me today I made him cash app me $10 for saying it.”

The practice of giving flowers to someone in order to convey specific emotions where words are otherwise not good enough dates back thousands of years in our species, and spans a breadth of different cultures and time periods, according to Essex Florist. For instance, in the Victorian era it was considered gauche for one to speak their feelings, so communicating them with a gift of flowers was seen as an appropriate placeholder for this expression.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Instacart via email and Star via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Aug 6, 2023, 12:38 pm CDT