Tray melting in oven(l+r), Ikea storefront(c)

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‘Do you just get a new oven?’: Customer calls out IKEA after pan melts in her oven

‘Silver lining however is the pizza still looks good.’


Tiffanie Drayton


An IKEA customer is not satisfied with an item purchased from the furniture and household goods store for a reason that appears to be entirely valid.

In a viral video that has been viewed over 1 million times and received tens of thousands of likes, TikTok user Zoe (@itszoebrown) said the pan she bought at the store melted in the oven.

“IKEA and I need to have some words about this pan,” the on-screen caption reads.

The woman then shows viewers a shot of her oven with a pizza in it. Beneath the pizza, there appears to be a flat oven pan typically used for baking. It also seems to be entirely melted and leaking between the racks in the woman’s oven.

IKEA boasts a wide selection of “bakeware” items that range from piping tools, measuring cups, and rubber spatulas to baking sheets, pans, and mixing bowls. On its website, “bakeware” is defined as “any type of sheet tray, baking tin, baking mold or oven safe pan that is specifically designed for baking.”

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In the comments section, many viewers shared similar stories about the store’s baking items.

“IKEA has a gray plastic tray that looks like a baking sheet,” user Angela commented. “My daughter made the mistake of putting it in the oven.”

“I’m so sorry this happened,” user Barb wrote. “silver lining however is the pizza still looks good lol.”

However, some users say some of the store’s bakeware comes with warnings that they are not oven-safe.

“I’m sure IKEA has some words about the tray too, usually placed on the back of the tray with the ‘Not oven safe’ warning,” TikToker Katie Borg wrote.

The Daily Dot emailed IKEA to request a comment and confirm whether or not their pans are marked with warning labels. The story will be updated should we receive a response.

Others were concerned about Zoe’s oven and wondered whether she was able to clean up the mess from the melted pan.

“Do you just get a new oven?” one user questioned.

The Daily Dot also reached out to Zoe via TikTok comments for more information.

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