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‘Bro why wouldn’t they come pre cut then?’: Hack expert says ‘we’ve been putting BAND-AIDs on incorrectly this entire time,’ shows supposed right way

'Been using like that since I was a kid.'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Aug 10, 2023

In a viral video, a TikToker shared a hack for making sure a BAND-AID doesn’t budge on your finger or toe.

In the video, Jordan (@jordan_the_stallion8), aka the king of revealing fast-food secrets and other obscure information, shared that people have been putting BAND-AIDs on incorrectly “this entire time.”

The video is a stitch with Julien Blanc’s (@julienhimself) video asking people to share something they learned that blew their minds.

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Jordan, who, as usual, films from his bathroom, explains that if you have a cut on your finger or toe, the BAND-AID is meant to be applied a specific way. Usually, people put the white part of the bandage on their cut and wrap the adhesive sides around it, forming a tube.

“Well, it works temporarily until the sweat starts affecting the adhesive, and then eventually, it’ll fall right off your finger,” Jordan says, removing the BAND-AID he applied to show how easy it is to take off.

“You’re supposed to put it on a different way,” Jordan says.

He instructs viewers to leave the paper on the bandaid, get scissors, and cut a line down the middle on both sides of the BAND-AID. Once you do this, apply the white part to the injury, but then take the new top tabs of the BAND-AID and fold them down at an angle, forming a V, then do the same with the bottom tabs.

The result is a first-aid tool that is much more effective given that it’s more firmly secured on the area and less prone to the effects of sweat and water.

“This also works with toes cuts as well, have fun,” Jordan says.

The video has more than 2 million views and over 1,800 comments.

“At this point, I am convinced I’ve been doing nothing right,” one person said.

When you look up “correct way to wear bandaid” in Google, Jordan’s hack does in fact, come up in multiple places, including a YouTube video.

“I figured that out in middle school cuz i was tired of the bandaid always falling off,” a commenter shared.

“also works so you generally don’t need stitches. been using like that since I was a kid,” another said.

The Daily Dot has covered several of Jordan’s hacks, including how to open a jar, how to use a soda can to open another soda can, and how you can use Ritz crackers to cut soft cheese slices.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jordan and BAND-AID parent company Johnson & Johnson via email.

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*First Published: Aug 10, 2023, 7:49 am CDT