Dating expert reveals ‘Turn Tables’ method. Or, how to pull someone out of your league

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‘I’d be SO scared to ask though’: Dating expert reveals ‘Turn Tables’ method. Or, how to pull someone out of your league



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Posted on Dec 22, 2023   Updated on Dec 22, 2023, 8:23 pm CST

A TikTok creator posted a viral video exposing a method on how to pull someone who is out of your league. She calls it the Turn Tables method.

Annabelle (@annabellegesson) has reached over 688,000 views and 75,000 likes on her video by Friday. She has a total of 5.9 million followers on her TikTok account and frequently uses her platform to share advice.

Annabelle’s video has an on-screen caption that says, “Exposing the Turn Tables Method, how to pull someone out of your mf league.” 

She starts by saying that she has been using this method for a while, but is just now deciding to share it to social media. 

First, Annabelle says she needs to cover what it means to be out of somebody’s league: “It means they have more control over your feelings.”

“They hold the power,” she adds, “they wear the pants.”

In order to pull someone out of your league, Annabelle says you need to “flip the turn tables.” 

Next, she starts to explain her method. The first step is having your “crush” on Snapchat

“Or I guess it could work on text too,” she adds.

Then Annabelle says that out of the blue you need to send the person a Snapchat/text that says, “Send a good photo of yourself, I want to show a friend.”

Annabelle says that in this moment, the person will feel flattered, and will also realize that “you have expectations for them.” She says they’re going to feel like the photo that they send you has to live up to those expectations.

Once they send you a good photo of themselves, Annabelle says “you are subconsciously training them to want to please you.” 

She admits the next step can “start to get toxic.” Once the person sends the photo, “you’re not gonna say anything back,” Annabelle explains.

“They’re going to want the validation,” she adds, “and the fact that you gave them no reaction is going to elicit a reaction from them.” 

Before ending her video, Annabelle says, “You’re welcome, you just flipped the turn tables and took the power f*cking back.”

Annabelle captioned her video, “Just call me a mastermind already,”

A few viewers in the comment section left their experience with trying the Turn Tables method. 


Just call me a Mastermind already🙄

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“GUYS HELP IT BACKFIRED,” one says, “I didn’t say anything after he sent the pic and he said, ‘“’so I really left you speechless huh.’” 

“I’d be SO scared to ask though,” a viewer named Nadia admits. Annabelle responds saying, “Nadia. We are on a rock that floats. A ROCK… that FLOATS.”

One comment points out, “Well I wanna do this but like, what if he’s seen this TikTok.” 

Annabelle posted a comment after going viral saying, “Guys I might have reached a new level of delulu idk, HELP. Hahaha, JK. This works, try it out.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Annabelle via email. 

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*First Published: Dec 22, 2023, 10:00 pm CST