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‘They had no extra rooms’: Hotel guests have to sleep outside after hotel key, master key don’t work

‘Everything was booked.’


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Imagine paying hundreds for a hotel room only to end up having to sleep on the beach. This hotel customer, @thecookaracha, says they had to spend the night outside after the master key didn’t work to their hotel room.

“We raised hell,” the TikTok user wrote of their attempts to get a refund from the hotel.

In a viral video with more than a quarter million views, @thecookaracha explained the uncomfortable situation.

“Our hotel key and front desk key couldn’t get us into our room, so we had to sleep on the beach,” the woman says in the clip.

In the video, she’s lying on a pillow in the sand with her going-out clothes still on and her shoes tucked behind her.

“I can’t,” she’s heard saying to her boyfriend, who seems to be lying next to her. They’re both lying under a thin white sheet.

At a minimum, you’d think the hotel would get things worked out by the next day. Nope.

“And then the 2nd night we couldnt get in either,” @thecookaracha adds.

In a follow-up video, the TikToker says that she and her boyfriend booked a last-minute trip to Myrtle Beach. Since it was both Memorial Day and Black Bike Week (when Black bikers, as in motorcycles, get together for their annual festival), hotels in the area were full up.

Given how hard it was to get accommodation, @thecookaracha and her partner were fine with chucking up $400 for a not-so-nice hotel, just to have a place to sleep during their impromptu vacation.

In the comments section of another video, she shared that the hotel was Bar Habor, which has a 2.5 Google rating with more than 2,000 reviews.

“The place is a dump. I will NOT be staying there ever again!!!!!” one review read.

The TikToker says that things were initially fine on Friday, their first day there. Their keycard worked for the most part, and when it deactivated, they just went to the lobby to get it rescanned.

But things took a turn that night. They couldn’t get into their room and the person working at the front desk couldn’t figure out a solution. Rescanning the hotel card didn’t work nor did her master key.

“She ended up telling us that it was her second week on the job,” the TikToker says.

The worker seemed to be trying her best and called maintenance and her supervisors, but neither answered the phone. With no rooms available at their hotel, they all tried calling the ones in the area with no success.

“Everything was booked,” she says.

“It’s like 4 a m. at this point. We’re fucking exhausted. We just wanna go to bed. She gives us pillows and sheets to go sleep on the beach. We did until, like, seven in the morning started raining on us,” the content creator notes.

At 8 a.m. on Saturday morning, they were finally able to get into their room once a new front desk person was there. But the issue wasn’t fully resolved.

“This story is not over yet,” the TikToker adds.

Saturday night at 1:30 a.m., she and her partner ran into the same issue. Their key cards didn’t work.

“We’re like, there ain’t no f*cking way this is happening again,” she thought to herself.

This time they tried to call the fire department to help, but given that it wasn’t something they considered “urgent” the fire department told her they were likely not going to pull up.

Fortunately, the woman’s boyfriend had family in the area, so the couple ended up paying for a $40 Uber to stay with them.

“Then next day, we raised hell and did get a full refund, thankfully. But, yeah, that was our first trip together as a couple. It’s one to remember,” she says.

@thecookaracha And then the 2nd night we couldnt get in either. But dw we got a full refund #myrtlebeach ♬ original sound – no

Viewers in the comments section had a lot to say.

“That’s wild I work at a hotel and if the master key doesn’t work you take the door cover off and use a real key to unlock it or have maintenance take the door handle off,” a person explained.

“Crazy part is that is such an easy fix omg,” another said.

“They should be able to pop off the sensor and use an actual key in the door. That’s insane that they just simply couldn’t get you in the room I work at a hotel and I’d get like fired for this,” a further user wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to the TikToker via comment and to the hotel via email.

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