drill on security camera with caption 'RUN IT' (l) person holding drill with caption 'When the HOA says to remove my security camera or they will' (c) security camera up close (r)

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‘What are they trying to hide?’: HOA tells homeowner to remove security cameras or they will. She strips the screw

‘You need a come and take it flag!!’


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A homeowner went viral after she filmed a short response to her neighborhood HOA’s request.

Sharon J (@pettybitchwithadrill) posted the short video after her homeowners association demanded that she take down her security cameras. The video has been viewed over 7.2 million times as of Thursday.

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In the video, Sharon stood underneath her security camera holding an electric drill. A text overlay read, “When the HOA says remove my security camera or they will.”

The clip changed to a close-up of her sticking her electric drill into the screw. She then proceeded to strip the screw, making it practically impossible for anyone, including her HOA, to remove the security cameras. A second text overlay read, “RUN IT”.

Though her neighborhood HOA’s demands seem overblown, it’s very common for them to have jurisdiction over any cameras placed on the exterior of the residence.

Users in the comments had many questions.

“Wait. HOA can tell you to remove security cameras??? That’s wild to me!” wrote one person.

“Why can’t you have cameras?” another user asked.

Sharon explained the HOA’s rules: “Because it’s a ‘denied modification and all the townhomes must look the same’.”

Many users loved how she stood her ground.

“You need a come and take it flag!!” one suggested.

“ITS ON ITS WAY ALREADY!!!!!!” Sharon responded.

“The level of pettiness we all need! I hope the algorithm brings me back to part two,” added someone else.

“You’re my hero,” wrote another.

Others wondered if the HOA even had the authority over the security camera, and commented on how petty those organizations can be.

“HOA saying you cant have your own cameras? Time for a legal investigation,” one user said.

“Wait. HOA can tell you to remove security cameras??? That’s wild to me!” another asked.

“Reason 125 why I will never live in an Hoa, too many damn rules for a place I pay for,” someone added.

“HOA’s are nothing but the people from school who asked ‘do we have homework?’” a commenter replied.

“I saw an hoa president call the cops on kids for playing football in the street. The cops came and played in the street with them,” one person shared.

Some disagreed with the TikToker’s methods and pointed out that HOAs fine people when they don’t get their way.

“No cause they can fine you till your homeless and there’s nothing illegal about it fucking hate hoas,” one user warned.

“Moves into a neighborhood knowing there are strict rules, but complains when the rules are enforced,” another pointed out.

The Daily Dot reached out to Sharon via TikTok comment for further information.

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