Home Depot worker on Instagram live with caption 'When Play AI on Live Gets You Fired EXPOSING A CUSTOMER INFORMATION' (l) Home Depot building with sign (c) Home Depot worker on Instagram live with caption 'When Play AI on Live Gets You Fired EXPOSING A CUSTOMER INFORMATION' 'CAUGHT' (r)

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‘I just don’t understand doing this at work’: Home Depot worker gets fired on TikTok live after exposing customer information

'All he had to do was pause the live smh.'


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Posted on Jul 18, 2023

A Home Depot worker was allegedly fired on TikTok Live after exposing a customer’s information.

TikToker LolaTheeItGirl (@lolabunny3248) shared a clip of another TikToker participating in the NPC livestream trend while working his shift at Home Depot. The video has received over 950,000 views as of Tuesday.

The video begins with a Home Depot employee acting like a robot on TikTok live while working at a register. A text overlay reads, “When Play AI on Live Gets You Fired. EXPOSING A CUSTOMER’S INFORMATION.”

A customer approaches the register as The TikToker earns money with his livestream hustle.

“Hi, ready for checkout?” the TikToker asks.

@lolabunny3248 EXPOSING CUSTOMER; GETTING FIRED ON LIVE 🤣🤣 AI VERSION ! #ailive #fyp #homedepot ♬ original sound – LolaTheeItGirl

The video cuts to him taking the customer’s information. “All right, may I have the phone number for the account?”

While entering the phone number, he forgets to mute or pause his livestream. Comments scroll by. Some joke about calling the customer. Others advise the cashier to stop doxxing people on the internet.

The employee continues his role-play as the video jumps forward in time. Commenters begin teasing him by implying they know his store location and the number he accidentally exposed. Fast forwarding again, the video shows the TikToker answering a call, presumably from management. A large red text overlay reveals he’s been caught livestreaming while working.

In the comments section, viewers bashed the TikToker for his lack of professionalism.

“I just don’t understand doing this at work, it’s a recipe for disaster,” one user commented.

“Now he got plenty of time to play AI,” another joked.

“He should’ve muted himself LMFAOOOOO,” a third agreed.

“So he ended the live when he was getting fired but not when someone else’s personal info was being released …” another said.

“How he gone have the man say his number on the actual live like the internet isnt an awful place? lol,” a commenter agreed.

Users who saw the original livestream added some insight.

“Bro even said it in the live yesterday, “‘I don’t care about this job anyways they don’t pay me enough,'” one viewer commented.

“I came across this live but didn’t watch it. Wondering why the hell he was doing that while he was at work,” a second added.

“All I said when I saw it was why are you on the clock,” a third remarked.

“I was watching it happen too. I was shocked. poor Joe,” a fourth said.

According to another user, the customer posted a video about it the following day: “There is a video that surfaced of the customer actually saying this was him it was on my fyp this morning.”

The Daily Dot contacted LolaTheeItGirl via TikTok comment and Home Depot via email for further information.

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*First Published: Jul 18, 2023, 9:46 pm CDT