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‘This cashier got upset and tried to give us a hard time’: Home Depot shopper shares how to get free tools from the store

‘I’d rather have my dads old tools.’


Braden Bjella


For those who are looking to update their tool collection for free, a TikTok user has some advice.

In a video with over 2.9 million views, TikTok user Carlos (@notmycarl) shows how viewers can walk into Home Depot with certain old tool brands—and leave with brand new versions of the same tools.

“First thing is, you have to look through your dad’s old toolbox,” the TikToker explains. “Look for any Milwaukee, Husky, Channellock, or Crescent Tools. These brands have full lifetime warranty, and Home Depot will honor it.”

According to the TikToker, this full lifetime warranty means that one can enter a Home Depot location with a set of these tools that have been worn out or heavily used, and leave with a brand new set of tools.

Once one has collected the tools they want replaced and entered Home Depot, Carlos advises them to go to the tool section.

“Find the same tools you brought in,” the TikToker explains. “Don’t worry if the tool you brought comes in a set—they’ll pull it out for you when [you’re] at checkout.”

From there, the TikToker directs viewers to go to Customer Service with the old tools and their replacements. While Carlos says that one can encounter problems when attempting this swap (Carlos says that their “cashier got upset and tried to give us a hard time,”), they will still perform the swap—meaning that one can leave with new tools, no receipts needed.

Even if one doesn’t already have the tools themselves, the TikToker says that they can buy the used versions of the brands at a yard sale and exchange them for newer versions at Home Depot.

These brands aren’t the only ones with lifetime warranties. As The Manual notes, many products from DeWalt, Kobalt, Stanley, and more can also offer similar warranties. Additionally, some commenters detailed that, while brands may have a lifetime warranty, they may not offer a direct exchange at Home Depot. As a result, it’s smart to check about the specific brand’s warranty policy before bringing it in for an exchange.

Even with this exchange policy, many users in the comments section suggested simply holding onto the old tools rather than bringing them in for an exchange.

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“I’d rather have my dads old tools,” stated a user.

“The old tools are prolly gonna last a hell of a lot longer than the new tools will,” claimed another. “They don’t make em like they used to.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Home Depot via email and Carlos via Instagram direct message.

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