Home Depot customer discovers DeWalt items on sale for 1 cent with price scanner

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‘Never use the app if you’re searching for penny deals’: Home Depot customer discovers DeWalt items on sale for 1 cent

'Was I supposed to do something to get the one-cent price?'


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Posted on Mar 26, 2024   Updated on Mar 25, 2024, 3:49 pm CDT

Anyone fighting the costs of inflation knows you should always be on the lookout for a good deal—and to be wary of a bargain that seems too good to be true.

One TikTok account claims to have the inside track on an unbelievable bargain at Home Depot. According to a video posted two days ago, the store is discounting DeWalt USB charging cables for the jaw-droppingly low price of one cent per cable.

The video currently has an impressive 1.6 million views and counting—but is it selling the real goods or just angling for likes?

The account, which uses the handle “Frugal” (@resellseason) appears to be an outreach account of the Frugal Season online community which advertised itself as a guide to “side hustles & methods so you can make an extra $1k+ on the side.”

In the video, the Frugal spokesman films a Box containing a DeWalt cable. The video’s screen text claims the item normally retails at Home Depot for $25.

“These twenty-five dollar DeWalt phone chargers are on secret clearance for only one penny,” he tells his viewers. He grabbed all of the chargers “and headed straight to check out where they did ring up for the crazy discount of one cent.”

His camera pans to the checkout screen which shows each cable ringing up at the price of $0.01.

According to Crazy for Couponing, Home Depot occasionally discounts discontinued items to a price of one cent. Certain clearance items “must be destroyed or thrown out after a certain period of time on clearance.”

“These unwanted items automatically appear with a one-cent price when scanned, and most of the time they disappear from the inventory altogether.”

The Daily Dot has requested comment from Home Depot via email.

The checkout screen in the video describes the DeWalt cables as Apple Lightning chargers. Apple began phasing out its proprietary lightning charger ports on its phones beginning with the latest iPhone 15 and AirPod Pro 2nd launched in September of last year.

According to USA Today, “Apple’s finally killing off its proprietary Lightning charging cord for new iPhones and replacing it with the universal standard USB-C.” This may account for the DeWalt chargers hitting the clearance racks at Home Depot. 

However, according to Crazy for Couponing, “clearance and penny items vary by location, so what’s available at your local Home Depot may not be available at the Home Depot across town.”

@resellseason We found an INSANE Penny clearance at Home Depot🚨 #hiddenclearance #homedepotclearance #retailarbitrage ♬ redrum (Instrumental) – Dr. Chantel

This seemed to be confirmed by several of the video’s viewers.

“Normal price at my Home Depot’s,” one commenter confirmed.

User bull8501 (@bull8501) wrote, “I went to five different Home Depot’s near me. They all had the charges and they all rang up normal price. Was I supposed to do something to get the one-cent price?”

Another viewer asked, “Does it scan on your Home Depot app as 1c?” Frugal replied, “Nope, never use the app if you’re searching for penny deals.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Frugal via TikTok messenger for a statement.

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*First Published: Mar 26, 2024, 8:00 am CDT