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‘They’re gonna drain every drop of life from you’: Worker says getting hired on the spot after a job interview is a red flag. Viewers agree

‘Likeee they desperate for a reason.’


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If you consider getting hired on the spot for a job to be a blessing, you might want to rethink that.

A TikToker went on her platform to share a warning about going into a job interview and immediately coming out with a job. Creator Dasilva (@dasilvadakid) put the video up on her platform on Thursday, getting more than 261,000 views as of Sunday morning.

“You didn’t hear it from me,” she begins in the short video. “But if you go for a job interview and they hire you on the spot just pack your loads and run for your life.”

She then adds, “Because, baby, you in for a doozy woozy. That’s all I’m saying.”

The caption adds cynically, “They’re gonna drain every drop of life from you.”


They’re gonna drain every drop of life from you 😭

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Some commenters seemed to understand the “hired on the spot” landscape Dasilva described.

“Likeee they desperate for a reason,” one commenter observed.

However, another responded that getting hired on the spot is a reciprocal arrangement, writing, “I’m desperate too so it’s a fair trade.”

“Nah trust bro,” someone else relayed. “Went for a job that hired me on the spot, ask for a offer letter, no offer letter. I ran so fast.”

“The worst is that this generation will be like they hired me on the spot and think it’s a sign from the universe and how they manifested it,” one pointed out. “Like no.”

“I started training during my interview,” said another. “I was so delusional thinking it was just because I made a good impression.”

One commenter revealed how such employment might end, noting, “They then fire you ‘for no reason’ two months later.”

Someone else alarmingly shared, “Yeah they hired me over the phone with barely any experience and now I take care of people with behavioral health issues,” adding ominously, “We are never fully staffed.”

Yet another person co-signed the “doozy-woozy” assessment, saying, “I ignored this advice twice out of desperation and regretted it both times.” However, that person did add, “Although tbf I’ve regretted every single job offer.”

And yet, one person hired on the spot noted that it was actually a wonderful experience. “Went on a job interview, they were very interested in me right away, and really invested. the most wholesome place, and ppl are amazing.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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