Woman shares nightmare Hinge date with therapist

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‘Your car was tryinnnn to tell you’: Woman shares nightmare Hinge date with therapist

'He’s just playing hard to get, make an appointment.'


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Posted on Jan 17, 2024   Updated on Jan 17, 2024, 11:46 am CST

One woman’s horror story about a Hinge date prompted her to issue a PSA about using the website to find suitable matches.

In a viral video that has been viewed over 911,000 times, TikToker Annie Goodwin (@anniebadlose) shared what happened on the date with her viewers.

According to Goodwin, things began to go downhill immediately. She said her car refused to start when she tried to make her way to their meetup spot.

“Usually, I don’t let men pick me up, but I’m gonna need someone to help jump my car,” she said.

In the next part of the video, Goodwin could be seen seated while in a loud restaurant. She said her date left her after food had already been ordered.

“He went to the bathroom and never came back,” an on-screen caption added.

Without a car, Goodwin said she was left stranded at the bar. The content creator also said that the man ordered and drank a drink before he ditched her at the bar with the tab. Then, he blocked her on all forms of communication, offering no closure or explanation for his behavior.

“So that was my very first date of 2024, and it will be the last,” Goodwin said.

To make the story even more disturbing, the woman added that her date was a therapist.

“He’s a therapist, so ladies, watch the f*ck out if he’s your therapist,” she concluded.

@anniebadlose that was my 13th #hingehorrorstories #seattle #hinge ♬ original sound – anniegoodwin

In the comments section, some expressed concerns about what the content creator may have done to make the man behave the way he did.

“U were supposed to meet him at the place a minute before telling him ur car won’t start n asked for a ride / boost?” user Hot Granny wrote. “He also acted poorly tbh not sure who the [red flag] actually is here. Likely both of u.”

“Ok he definitely was in the wrong for leaving you stranded but what did you say to that man?” user Chris commented.

Others believed that she should’ve taken her car not working as a sign not to go on the date.

“Your car was tryinnnn to tell you not to go,” user Juju wrote.

Ultimately, others assured the woman that she should not give up on dating just because of a single bad experience.

“Even I have to remind myself this,” a viewer said. “There are bad dates and people. We can not quit or judge others for their faults. Make fun stories out of the bad and keep searching for the great!”

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*First Published: Jan 17, 2024, 8:00 pm CST